Korzion Aryisar's Items



Lightrend (on the right) is Korzion‘s greatsword. It glows warmly when in the presence of its master, and has been known to burst into flame upon Korzion’s command. It is heavy, but after many years of practice, Korzion has perfected its use.

The means by which Lightrend was forged are unknown, but it is known that the temple spared no expense in its creation. It has seen many battles over the years, most recently at the hands of Korzion Aryisar, who wields it to defend R’hllor’s Temple and fight the agents of the Night. It has been known to sing as it arcs through the air, the sound of its whistling almost magical-sounding. While it is not Valyrian Steel, it is known to be one of the best weapons of mundane creation in the Free Cities.


Korzion Aryisar's Items

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