Ivan Wolfbane's Items


Forearm Daggers

Ivan received these specially crafted daggers after his first contract job. The source was anonymous to both Ivan and the original contract holder. He keeps the twin set concealed in a sheathe on his forearms.

Boot Daggers

Ivan keeps these unique blades one in each boot. He received these as payment for a contract he completed in Fairmarket. He accepted the daggers gladly, and kept the sheathes as an added piece of his boots.

Throwing Knives

Ivan has an extensive arsenal of throwing knives in his possession. He found these in an old Night’s Watch hut when he escaped the lands Beyond the Wall. They have an eerie resemblance to Wights and White Walkers, and Ivan at the time thought they may be one of the few things to penetrate a White Walker’s skin, since it did not seem to be made of regular steel. He never got to test his theory. He keeps them in a holder on his shoulders, hidden by his robe the majority of the time.

Blood Vial

This vial contains the blood of a creature beyond the Wall. Inserting the contents into a living creature’s bloodstream will put them into a frozen like state. This is a perfect poison to use for Ivan to capture targets alive.

Healing Concoction

The Alchemist Sibyl gave Ivan for his 19th recorded nameday a concoction that she specially brews. It can heal relatively any wound. Ivan keeps this vial on a leather chord around his neck.


Ivan Wolfbane's Items

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