Illyria Valerius' Items



Illyria Valerius’ prized dagger (on the right), she has kept it hidden from the rest of the court, not wanting them to know of her Valyrian Steel possession.

Engraved Valyrian steel, that ripples with a purple hue. The crossguard is four pronged, each resembling a dragon’s claw made out of gold. The hilt itself is ebony and gold, formed into scales to resemble that of a dragon’s hide and back claw, the pommel forms the tail of the dragon. It used to belong to Hazah zo Myraq’s father and eventually became the blade Illyria used to slit his throat.

Night Hunter

Illyria’s ebony and ivory bow made of the highest quality. Being a strong wooded bow, it takes an experienced archer to even pull back the bowstring, and keep it steady.

(All credit goes to Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the Nightingale Bow)

Assortment of Arrows

Deadly and beautiful arrowheads that expand on impact. They cause massive damage and anyone foolish enough to rip it out will suffer massive internal bleeding. They are light but powerful arrows, making them especially good for silent killing.



A beautiful bird brought over from Essos, it is adorned with maroon over feathers and a yellow and white under feathers. An intelligent animal, it can be used as messenger or simply as a pet.

Lesser bird of paradise

Greater bop

Brought over from Essos by Illyria, Albain serves as a reminder of home and more importantly as a way of contacting her other “Birds”.


Illyria Valerius' Items

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