Della Lockewood's Items


Weirwood Bow

A gift from her father for her twelfth nameday, this bow has been in her possession for eight years. It is finely crafted and made from weirwood which explains its white appearance. (Pictured on the right)

Weirwood Arrows

Beautiful and quite unlike any others in existence, these arrows were given to her by Daeron Lockewood as a gift. They are made of weirwood, just like her bow, and therefore are strong and will not rot. The feathers used are dark red and are meant to represent the leaves of a weirwood tree. They were taken from Illyria Valerius’ pet bird Albain.


Stiletto Dagger

Expertly crafted, but of simple design, this dagger is strong and of high-quality. Daeron had it made for Della shortly after their marriage and the fall of Boros Baratheon, concerned with her safety and finding her previous weapon unsatisfactory. While she has only ever used one of these once, during the Battle for King’s Landing, she has been seen receiving regular training from her husband lately. The discrete nature of this dagger, and its sleek, elegant format, make it perfect for concealment – it is impossible to tell if she has it on her person or not.


Luna the Dapple Grey Horse

Purchased from a travelling merchant who was using the young, unnamed horse to haul his cart, Della quickly felt a connection with the mare. The horse’s calm nature and even temperament appealed to her and she knew that she had found the horse she was looking for. She named her Luna because of her light gray and spotted coat which resembles the surface of the moon.



Della Lockewood's Items

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