Willem Ryalt



A tall, thin man in his 46th year, with a shock of messy blond hair, and a trimmed mustache and beard. A scar runs from his left eye down his cheek. Was married to Lady Olyvia Redwyne (now widowed), of a cadet branch of House Redwyne; and has three sons: Alyn (24), steward of The Mandersgate and a capable leader, and the new Lord-Captain of Mandersgate; Ryam (19), an aspiring knight, and former squire to Ser Talbert Serry; and Olyvar (17), an intelligent man of administration. House Ryalt are devout followers of the Seven, Willem included.

He could often be found wearing the colour of his house (turquoise) under a tough leather battle dress. Willem shunned heavy armour, being used to fighting at sea rather than on land. The arms of House Ryalt bear a crab on a field of turquoise, and their words are We Hold the Key.

He is known to have been an able naval commander and was Lord-Captain of Mandersgate, a castle on the banks of the river Mander, four leagues inland from where it meets the sea, at the end of a straight stretch where the river begins to narrow. The castle is being fortified and another fort built on the opposite bank, so that anyone attempting to attack up the Mander will be bombarded from both sides, and larger forces will be hemmed in together making them easier targets.

The House Ryalt fleet, prior to the Battle of King’s Landing, numbered nine warships: five smaller warships of 150 oars, three moderately sized warships of 200 oars, and Willem’s personal vessel; the Autumn Chaser, a large warship of 300 oars, with three pairs of small catapults mounted on the deck, one of each pair facing port and one facing starboard. A wooden fortification sits at the stern of the ship, from which Willem could be found yelling orders.



Willem is known as an able naval commander, coming from a long line of Lord-Captains serving House Redwyne. He has experience in naval warfare, having trained under House Redwyne and the Houses of the Shield Isles. He has, however, also inherited the distrust of the ironborn that many of House Tyrell’s coastal Lords hold.

In his youth, Willem traveled extensively across the Narrow sea and the Free Cities. His most famous victory came against the Pirate Lord Asharax of Volantis; Willem’s four ships sunk six pirate ships, and Willem himself led the boarding action against Asharax’s ship. He personally defeated Asharax in a duel, stabbing the pirate through the heart with a quick riposte, but suffered a facial wound in the battle that nearly lost him an eye.

He currently serves as part of the Arbor’s fleet, scouting ahead of the larger force.

The House Ryalt fleet was sunk in it’s entirety during the naval battles on the first day of the Battle of King’s Landing. Whilst the Westeros fleets encountered early success under the command of Lord-Captain Ryalt (following the death of Lord Paxter Redwyne), they were routed when the Dornish fleet declared for Volpahart. Lord-Captain Willem Ryalt was killed on deck, fighting in a boarding action across multiple ships in a desperate rearguard action. His scarifice bought enough time for the battered Westeros fleets to retreat behind Dragonstone to recover. His title and lands are to be inherited by his eldest son, Alyn.

Willem’s second son, Ryam, also perished during the Battle of King’s Landing. The boy trained under Ser Jorge Bryte in the Red Keep, distinguishing himself as an excellent warrior, and during the battle he was trusted with a number of important tasks by Bryte. He died during the final assault: pierced by no less than four spears as he lead a handful of men to hold the invading forces in the courtyard at the King’s Gate whilst Bryte dueled Prince Altan.

Willem Ryalt

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