Theodal Rykker



Lord Rykker’s first born.. He is good natured, and chafes under his father’s controlling hand. Older brother to Hamlet Rykker. Engaged to Lady Marei Arnall.
He possesses dark brown hair, grey eyes, and is clean shaven.

Theodal was sent to King’s Landing to wipe out the last of Brune influence at the court, stabbing Tiberius Brune to death in an alley. After rummaging through the late Brune’s belongings, he found record of fiscal support granted to House Brune by House Arnall. He confronted Marei Arnall, but did not actively seek to have her complicity in the Brune’s actions released, burning the records. He later came to confide to Marei about his frustrated relationship with his father, and came to consider her, if not a friend, then certainly not an enemy. After his father’s visit to the Red Keep (Lord Braddock Rykker), he was betrothed to Marei.

The betrothal proceeded normally, for the most part. The wedding itself (held in Duskendale) was tense after the invited Freys showed up in full armor and weapons. Although there were a few unpleasant incidents most trouble was avoided until after the wedding, when his father, brother Hamlet, friend Sigismund the Archer, the King, and many other nobles attended the first showing at the Duskendale Theater and perished in the flames that consumed it.

Theodal suffered imprisonment for a time, but eventually managed to obtain freedom by promising to find Alyssa Hayford. Alyssa’s trail was cold in Duskendale, and despite his efforts, he was only able to glean that she had probably sailed across the Narrow Sea, heading to Lys. Other events occupied his time, however. The whisperings of war and lords calling up levies were a constant cause of worry.

Duskendale avoided the brunt of any conflict during the following civil war and Myrish incursions. When the fighting ended and the purges of suspected “traitors” began, Theo fled Duskendale with Marei and a few retainers. The Rykker lands were seized by the crown.


Theodal Rykker

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