Samwill Royce



Age: 23

House Royce of Runestone.

Their words: “We Remember”

p. Sworn houses:

1) Coldwater of Coldwater Burn

2) Shett of Gull Tower

3) Tollet of Grey Glen

Their words: “When All Is Darkest”

Average height, slightly crooked nose( was broken in the past), has brown eyes, and brown hair, is of average strength, wields a longsword of fine craft, wears ancient bronze plate armor inscribed with runes. Is married, has a two year old daughter, and newborn son. Has several other adopted children, generally bastards of his cousin Ernest.


Chivalry or Dread- Neither remarkably nefarious nor chivalrous.
Loyalty- Hardly the pinnacle of loyalty, but can follow explicit orders well enough.
Command – Can give orders well enough, having them obeyed is another matter.
Piety- Pious enough, but doesn’t hold his faith to others.

HorseRacer: Increased skill at commanding cavalry
CaptorChivalry- treats prisoners well
ExRebel- Harbors thoughts that could be misconstrued as treasonous, but knows not to speak them
KindLeader – treats the smallfolk well.
BrutalPunishments- will forgive a slight once, after that, they’ll wish for a quick death.
Xenophile- Loves foreign cultures.
Multilingual- Knows more than one language.
DrinksInModeration – Might take a glass or two when the need arises
HorribleMotherInLaw- “My Daughter should have married a somebody who could give her a son!” Can’t stand the heckling
PrettyWife- Doesn’t mind looking at her with her clothes on, or off.

Bronze armor of House Runestone, inscribed with runes is said to make the wearer impervious to damage, never been proven.

Glory of a Far Dawn- Elegant, finely crafted, Longsword.


Lord Samwill Royce was born to Lord Yohn Royce and Lady Anya Royce in the year 273 AL. Lady Anya’s labor was a difficult one, and both baby and mother nearly perished. Samwill was an underweight and fussy baby, and nearly perished close to the end of first year due to a fever. It was only through the constant care of his mother, a nanny, and an elderly Maester that he managed to survive.
Childhood Samwill flourished in his formative years, developing a fondness for history and tales of ancient lands. When he turned six years of age, the Realm was in split in Civil War, and while Falcon marched alongside the Wolf, Fish, and Stag, his uncle Nestor sat in charge of the Vale. Later he would often skip lessons of the sword in order to read in the library or learn languages from his Braavosi tutor, who taught him Braavosi, Lorathi, several of the Low Valyrian dialects. When he was 11, he broke his nose while racing his friends across the Royce holdings, and although he was taken immediately to a Maester, he was left with a pronounced tilt to his nose.
p. Late Teens Samwill developed an interest in the matters of trade and was thus sent abroad to Essos, where he practiced his language skills, absorbed the culture, and brokered trade agreements. He was more than content to stay aboard even when the Realm erupted into war. However, he was summoned by his father following the marriage of Lysa Arryn to Peter Baelish and her subsequent “fall” out the Moon Door. Lord Yohn was a steadfast supporter of Robb Stark and was one of the Lords Declarant, however, he also loved the Vale, and during the 2nd Northern Rebellion when Northern forces attacked the Vale, he bent the knee before Lord Baelish and fought to defend the Vale, while Samwill stood over the Hold.
p. Bonifer the Butcher Ser Erik Bonifer, a vicious, brutal, Vale Knight was declared Warden of the East. This was almost immediately contested by the Vale Lords, especially the Lords Declarant, of whom, Lord Yohn Royce was the most vocal. Bonifer responded to their peaceful petitions and contest with violence, inviting them to a moot where he took them prisoner after a bloody battle and used them as hostages, (he later killed them). He spilt Vale men blood during his bungled campaign against the Dornish, and it was only when an enterprising Ernest Royce pushed him into a mass of Dornish spears that the Vale could finally be free by his unwanted influence. Samwill was declared a Lord, as were too many others following Bonifer’s butchery.
p. Hardyng the Glorious Fool The crown, eager to “make amends” and happy to be rid of Bonifer, declared Harrold Hardyng, the heir of Jon Arryn, Lord Paramount of the Vale. Hardyng, however, was incompetent in matters of taxes and trade, and married off his sister to Lord Royce and promptly dumped all of his duties on Lord Royce following the marriage. Samwill tiredly bore the burdens placed on him by Hardyng, who considered himself cunning and intelligent, although most would merely consider him oversexed, treacherous, and foolish. However, he began to have doubts about Hardyng due to the confusing contradictory orders he received from him and the final pulling back of Vale troops from the Red Keep without informing any Lords. The final straw occurred when Hardyng declared himself King of the Mountain and Vale without holding a moot. Angry, the Lords descended upon Hardyng’s keep and after an animated and angry conversation, forced him to his knees, and executed him (Royce wielded the blade). Royce then had Hardyng’s body fed to pigs in full view of the smallfolk and had his head bound with a red bow tie and sent to the Red Keep. The Lords then planned a Moot, to declare a new leader and decide what path the Vale would follow.

The Red Moot
A Radical Royalist by the name of Vitelli betrayed the Lords, and through a bloody and quick ambush, slaughtered guards, servants and seized the Lords of the Vale demanding that they mobilize their banners to the aid of the Crown. Meanwhile, Terryn and Donald Royce, burned the Vale fleet and besieged the Eyrie respectively. Samwill was beheaded by the Braavosi, Michele, in response for his sons’ rash actions.

Samwill Royce

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