Petyr Corbray



A young man, who seeks respect. Whiny, and petulant, he died at the hands of Iyla, a ward of the Queen whom he had wronged. Also was held in place and chopped in minor places by other people.


Ser Petyr Corbray was the bastard brother of Lord Erik Bonifer, Warden of the East. The son of a tanner and a Corbray household servant, he grew up among the Corbrays and after saving the life of a young heir of the House – the little tyke had wandered off and got stuck in the war dog kennel – was adopted into the family himself.

Petyr loved to learn, especially about poisons and their effects. He killed his immediate family by deceit and ascended to Lordship. He died on the way to Riverrun.

Petyr Corbray

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