Marei Arnall



A sixteen year old girl from the Riverlands, Marei is slightly built and of average height. She has grey-green eyes, tanned skin, and light brown, curly hair. She’s bright and kind with a keen interest in other people and the world at large, as well as a carefully controlled impulsive streak. Though generally careful to conform to the Westerosi standards for young ladies the carefully upheld act sometimes falters, revealing sides of her personality she prefers to keep hidden.


Marei was born in Softstone, in the Riverlands, to Lord Tomsen Arnall and his wife Merena. She was their first child and after several years passed without further signs of another it seemed she would be Lord Arnall’s last. As such she was raised as his heir.

When conflict broke out in the Riverlands her father, a clever if not brave man, ordered the smallfolk to move their stores of food and valuables to the system of caves that gave the land it’s name. As the fighting drew closer he started moving livestock and people there as well. Subsequently they came out of the war that devastated their neighbours relatively intact, though the few casualties included Merena. Lord Arnall surprised no one by promptly selling surplus stores at a high profit. He did shock people by marrying a woman, the widow of a hedge knight, who had taken shelter with them. Sometime later the new Lady Jocelyn gave birth to a boy, Tysen.

Marei did not seem to mourn the loss of her inheritance and was enchanted by her new brother and his worldly mother. After Jocelyn died (killed, some said, by those who resented Tomsen’s war profiteering) she became her father’s staunchest supporter, taking on a portion of his work. When Tomsen passed on as well Marei began running the holding under her young brother’s name.

At first it seemed she would continue doing so until the boy’s majority but a month after the late Lord’s death Merena’s older sister and her husband, a merchant, showed up with a group of armed men. The woman promptly declared that her niece was to young to properly govern and that Ty, who lacked any other family, would be under her and her husband’s guardianship until he reached adulthood. Shortly after Marei fled to Oldtown with Tysen, looking for safety and the support necessary to regain their home.

While there they met many members of the royal court and a few other individuals and when the court left for King’s Landing the pair accompanied them. Recently entered a (still quiet) relationship with Anders Brax. Though her claim was upheld by Lady Lockewood, and despite interesting revelations, she remained at court, pursuing the interests of her hold.

When the court went North she attended and when they stopped at her home even more events unfolded, including accusations of murder and rather clever bastard brother’s opinions. After a tragic death the retinue moved on and Marei eventually caught up with it. There are now three murders which she is a suspect in.

Now eighteen Marei is making a name for herself as a business woman. Riches and fortune seem soon to follow, if not political power. But young noble ladies are expected to fill certain obligations and marriage beckons. A recent kidnap attempt against her brother has added Fynn Hightower’s death to list of goals, and she eventually saw it through. She was made Master of Coin, first provisionally and then officially. After a long engagement she married Theodal Rykker, who she first met during a debacle involving treason and attempted murder. Their wedding was interrupted by the Duskendale Disaster which killed many of her allies and placed her new husband under suspicion. In the wake of the event she resigned her position as Master of Coin. She is currently in custody. Her strong ties to the smaller Riverlands nobility and her quick eye for investment aren’t lost however, and her success during her short tenure on the Small Council is impressive, if a little suspicious.

Marei Arnall

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