Logan Cross



A man of 30 years, who stands slightly taller than average. He has a slim, yet muscular build, dirty-blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. A knight sworn to the House Eldred, and unyieldingly loyal to Della. Although he’s only 30, he comes off as being older. He is a good, and just, man who values respect. He is calm by nature and therefore not easily provoked. His ability to keep his wit about himself while under pressure, and the fact that he’s not an aggressive person have led him to become Della’s go-to, or right-hand man. While he may seem like a docile individual, he will not cower away from a battle or a challenge. He will also go through great lengths to serve Della, and keep her safe.


Ser Logan grew up in a single-mother household. His father died when he was still an infant; after years of hardship and struggle, his mother begged for him to be taken as a page because she could no longer provide for him. An older knight, who had recently lost his son, agreed to take him on when he was only 6 years old. Ser Logan adapted quickly and showed much promise; by the time he became 10 he had graduated from being a page, to being a squire. Although he was much younger than most squires, he worked hard to prove himself among their ranks. He rode into many battles with his mentor and surrogate father-figure, and even saved his life during one of them. He was knighted at 17 for showing bravery in the face of danger, and for his aptness in battle.

Ser Logan spent much of his life at Moss Tower, when he was not off training or fighting in a battle. He only remembers seeing Della once or twice around the keep when she was 7 and he was just returning home at 17, before she was sent to the Riverlands at 8. Wanting to be close to his ailing mother, and enjoying a time of peace in the Realm, Ser Logan stayed at Moss Tower and swore his service to House Eldred. He served Lord Eldred (Della’s father) well, and helped him to achieve many goals/victories. After years of faithful service, he begun to notice a great change in Lord Eldred and he would often find himself disagreeing with his decisions. His oath made him stay, however, and continue to serve him. Upon Della’s return to Moss Tower a number of years ago, Ser Logan began to see in her, qualities that he respected. He would often urge her father to listen to her good council; yet much to his dismay, the Lord of Moss Tower would refuse to listen to either of them. Growing tired of the Lord’s antics, he began to see Della as a better leader for the House. He found himself siding with her more and more, until finally, one day he approached her, and told her that he considers her to be a worthy leader of House Eldred. For that reason, he would follow her anywhere.

Logan Cross

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