Jasper Lansky



An extremely shy young man in his late teens, full of anxiety and social awkwardness, slight and short, with sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and a narrow face. He is Wolfgang’s manservant, helping him with armour and weaponry, keeping his rooms tidy and in place, and fetching people for him, serving as a general dogsbody. He has some skill with a sword and is a decent horseman, but his true skill lies in his marksmanship with a lever-action crossbow.


Born and raised in a small, sheltered Crownlands village, he witnessed its sack and the merciless slaughter and abuse of his family at the hands of Dothraki raiders when Daenerys attacked King’s Landing. However, his elder sister lived in the city in a brothel, working as a prostitute, and was able to conceal herself in the cellar during the sack of the capital. Jasper has a deep and passionate loathing of the Targaryen dynasty that has outlived Daenerys and the last three dragons, and a special disgust and contempt for the Dothraki. He has a very close relationship with his sister; Wolfgang gives Jasper a reasonable allowance to allow him to support her without the necessity for her to live as a prostitute, and also offered the girl employment. The siblings own a small house in the city.

Jasper was tasked with Wolfgang to deal with the Moneylender, leader of a criminal group with ten known members, who would kidnap the loved ones of those they lent money to to ensure they were always paid back and was known to savagely beat those who could not pay. Jasper talked his way into the house where Brax’s sister was being held, posing as a friend of Brax’s and pretending to recognise the sister as someone he thought dead, paying up the gold. He then turned, and men in the street disguised as commoners assisted him in overcoming the enforcers and capturing the moneylender. Wolfgang had Jasper torture the moneylender, learning of the location of the 180 dragons, before killing him, sending 20 dragons directly to Jasper.

He left to Essos with his employer, never to be seen again in King’s Landing.

Jasper Lansky

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