Alanna Flowers



Petite, blonde and bit cranky. This girl has some serious emotional issues not suggested by her delicate exterior, except perhaps her unsettlingly dark eyes. She is fiercely independent and unfortunately contrary with a light attitude to danger and not nearly enough respect.


Born to a younger son of the Meadows family in the reach and a merchants daughter from Highgarden Alanna spent most of her early childhood being passed from family member to family member. None of them wanted her for long. She was a recalcitrant girl who struck many as slow. She didn’t learn to speak properly until she was four and had difficulties until she was quite a bit older. It was only when she landed in the care of the family matriarch Helene that she started to blossom. Though the pious older lady and the angry child held each other at arms length there was clear loyalty between them. Under Helene’s tutelage the child grew, displaying a ferocious intelligence. She quickly learned to read several languages, though never got the hang of speaking them.

After an illness Helene moved to Kings Landing, ostensibly for seaside air but really to be a bother with old friends, and Alanna came with her. She grew fond of Michael Flowers and Cedrik Hightower and developed an antagonistic, but interesting, relationship with Garwen.

Lady Helene died and Alanna, fleeing relatives and the prospect of marriage or worse, headed to Lord Hightower, hoping for other options. She ended up working in his orphanage and during the plague was functionally trapped there. Although she complained loudly it was evident she had was deeply fond of the children. In addition to her work in the orphanage she also kept in contact with many of her former lady’s old friends in the Faith.

Following a kidnapping attempt by her cousin she entered a relationship with Garwen Lannister and seems to genuinely like him despite many reservations. Their fling had lasting consequences when she became pregnant. Alanna steadfastly refused to consider marriage as an option for many personal reasons. For protection she has grudgingly left the orphanage, turning it over to Odessa Martell.

Alanna Flowers

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