Newbie Primer

Newbie Primer

Hello and welcome to Winter Is Coming RP! In this page you’ll find the essential information you need to know to get started. Also, don’t forget to check the rules!!

The Story So Far…


Part 1 – The Wall

302 AL. After Daenerys Targaryen invasion, victory and death, Cersei Lannister took advantage of the change in law that had allowed the Targaryen to become Queen in her own right to seize the throne for herself.

Several members of the court in King’s Landing found, fought and defeated Lord Andon, a disgraced maester from Highgarden accused of practising blood magic, but a new and bigger threat would soon arise in the form of his bastard son Aegon Flowers, a deranged warg seeking to follow in his father’s footsteps.

With assistance from two of his father’s most loyal lieutenants, Anders Volpahart, a former Pirate King, and a mysterious young swordsman prodigy often referred to as the Kingsroad Boy, Aegon worked from the shadows to bring about a rebellion of the North, an Essosi invasion of King’s Landing backed by the Iron Bank itself and even betrayal from some of the maesters at the Citadel, all in pursue of his father’s goals.

It was in Oldtown that his plans were finally uncovered. Believing that, upon the inevitable return of Winter, the White Walkers lurking beyond the Wall that no one took seriously would be able to defeat the defenses of the Night’s Watch and invade Westeros, Andon had devised a plan to prevent the extinction of mankind. Having watched and researched the inhabitants of Craster’s keep and the way they would sacrifice their baby boys to the Others in order to be spared, he concluded that the only way to ensure the survival of Man would be to destroy the Wall for the Walkers, offering to them the entirety of Westeros as a sacrifice in exchange for humans elsewhere to be allowed to survive. And now in possession of hundreds, if not thousands of samples of blood collected from all around the Seven Kingdoms by treacherous maesters like Harwyn, his son was finally able to.

The court’s planned trip to the North in order to stop him, however, would be delayed by the return of Kirito Storm to King’s Landing. A bastard of former King Robert aiming for the throne, he orchestrated the murder of Cersei and Tommen Baratheon and blackmailed the Hand at the time, Daeron Lockewood, into legitimizing him, taking the name of Boros Baratheon and the Iron Throne.

A group of nobles unhappy with his ascent to power, however, staged a coup and dethroned him, bringing Myrcella Baratheon from Dorne to assume the role of Queen and leaving for the Wall, hoping it was not too late to stop Aegon.

The warg, however, was ready for their arrival. Surrounded by unlikely allies and in the body of the Commander of the Night’s Watch, he sprung a trap and waited for the royal court. Upon their arrival, he cast them out into the lands beyond the Wall, hoping to appease the Walkers roaming the snowy wasteland in order to complete his ritual.

But after heavy losses and days of roaming the dark forests of the Lands of Always Winter, the nobles of King’s Landing were able to make a comeback and, supported by tribes of wildlings interested in preventing the reign of the Others, defeated Aegon and most of his lackeys, eliminating the threat once and for all.

Part 2

Two years after the events at the Wall, many things have changed for the Seven Kingdoms. Daeron Lockewood was chosen as king by a Great Council of the lords of the realm after Myrcella Baratheon succumbed to an illness, for his service to the Seven Kingdoms and the part played in preventing the eternal Winter that Aegon Flowers’ actions would have caused.

During that time, the Realm has enjoyed a rare time of peace and prosperity, but things change when a deadly plague begins to spread in King’s Landing. With no cure in sight, the situation in the city becomes dire, and after an incensed speech by the High Septon denouncing magic users as the cause of the disease, a new law is put in place forbidding the practice, research and possession of magic-related material in the city of King’s Landing and surrounding lands.

However, this measure does not seem to have slowed the deaths of the people…


Listed below are some of the more relevant characters. For more information, visit the character page.

The Small Council:

King Daeron Lockewood(Maru15) – Previously Hand of the Queen, Lord of Gulltown and Warden of the East, he was elected king during the Great Council following the Aegon crisis after the untimely death of Myrcella due to the disease that had her mother had once contracted. Owner of Blackblood, a hand-and-a-half Valyrian steel blade. Intelligent, polite, helpful and welcoming to new visitors to the city. Undoubtedly a dangerous opponent, judging from the number of failed assassination attemps, coups and rebellions.

Lady Della Lockewood(loevelynn) – An artist, a Northerner, the Master of Laws as of recently, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms as well, she came to King’s Landing to prove herself a capable leader and to gain recognition for her House. In her short time at the Keep, she successfully dealt with the late Lord Whent’s deserters and organized the efforts in the Great Sept during the Battle for King’s Landing, while commanding an army of House Eldred men. She is polite, perceptive, ambitious, and often seen smiling.

Lady Illyria Valerius(Beware_Werewolf) – A former assassin from Lys, she now serves as the Master of Whispers until another is found, and Hand of the King. Though mostly sweet, and polite to those around her, Illyria can be cruel and vicious when she wants. Her lack of empathy to most people makes her a dangerous enemy, capable of inflicting tremendous amounts of pain onto someone with little regret. More intelligent than most, and in possession of a high level of cunning, she is a master manipulator, capable of swaying people with honeyed words, and when that fails she will use her natural assets to seduce and manipulate.

+ Lord Maekar Stonebreaker* – (Stonegarden) – Westerlander sworn to the Lannisters, with strong ties to both the Redwynes and Lannisters, Maekar has recently been appointed as Master of Ships.

Great Houses and Lords.

The North.

The Warden of the North is Lord Roose Bolton and his successor is his son, Ramsay Bolton. The Boltons currently reside in their family lands, The Dreadfort.
Winterfell is currently the home of House Wolfbane, Alva Bolton and Ivan Wolfbane.


Current Overlord of the Riverlands is House Errol of the Twins, whose Lord is William Errol.
Riverrun is currently the seat of House Frey, while Harrenhal is the seat of House Gulazar.

The Vale.

The current Warden of the East is Rupert Royce. Lord of Runestone and the Eyrie, Lord Paramount of the Vale. Heir is currently his nephew Tristan Royce until Lord Royce produces a male heir.

Iron Islands.

Greyjoys hold the Iron Islands, with their current Lord, Gravvin. Pyke is their ancestral seat, and the current heir is Lord Greyjoy’s son, Terren.


The Warden of the West is Lord Kevan Lannister, head of House Lannister of Casterly Rock whose heir is Lancel Lannister, his eldest son, and Lord of Darry.


The Lord Paramount of the Stormlands is Derryk Baratheon whose seat is Storm’s End and who’s heir is his son, Cole (or Joffrey) Baratheon.

The Reach.

Lord Willas Tyrell is the current Warden of the South, who resides in House Tyrell’s seat of Highgarden, his heir is his younger brother, Garlan Tyrell, until the time when Lord Willas produces a trueborn heir.


Princess Kyra Nymeros Martell is the current Princess of Dorne, who sits in Old Palace within Sunspear. Her heir is her daughter, Princess Xhara Martell.


Andon – Disgraced maester and blood mage, former tutor of Daeron Lockewood and father of Aegon Flowers. Commited suicide at Rosby by impaling himself on his old pupil’s sword after killing Gunther Pyke and severely injuring Wolfgang Locke, Allyria Lyall and Mycroft Holmes.

Aegon Flowers – Mad warg and bastard son of Andon. Claims his mother was an Other, and that another Other fathered Daeron Lockewood. Thought executed on Wolfgang Locke’s command, and later killed by Daeron, but revealed to have escaped by switching into other bodies. Drew his last breath at the Wall, having fallen off it and into the hands of the White Walkers after a deadly shot by Della Lockewood.


Newbie Primer

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