He has a white and blue cloak draped over his body. He has Curly hair that is naturally curly but it poofs up because it is not taken care of much and it looks like a jew-fro. He has black eyes and he has pale skin. He has burn marks that are white from age that are on his arms. He has a big nose and he has Smooth lips that are slightly chapped. His ears are mostly covered by his hair but they are normal sized not popping out if they are exposed He is skinny and looks kind of weird being 5"9 feet tall and being that skinny it makes him look like a person from England. He is of 13 years of age. He has a sword sheathed on his waist. Under his black cloak are his leather armor which is strapped on his body that goes over his arms and at his hands they seem to be strapped on his hands as well. He has leather leggings and he has black boots that seem to blend with the night. His face is in a serious appearance. His eyes sag from not sleeping much lately. He is not looking that well tonight considering he still has a long way to go until he can rest.


Yashua is very shy and does not like being part in social activites. It is ironic considering he is a “business man”. Yashua is a drug dealer and his origin is from the streets of King’s Landing, he is an orphan. He does not have any kind of abilites that should be noted. He wore dark clothing all the time and he acted kind of dark around people. Not much humor is in this man. He is serious and that fits well with his look and profession. Yashua acts how he should be around nobles and the people above him. Yashua has been sent to the wall because of his spying on Lord Hightower, for Anders Brax.


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