Wolfgang Locke



A man from the Iron Islands, with dwarfism, former Hand of the Queen and temporarily made Protector of the Realm, older cousin of Daeron Lockewood. Perceptive, cunning, and a highly effective ruthless politician and criminal kingpin. He owned three castles and a great deal of land in the Iron Isles, and has made a fortune through gambling. Popular with the people and with many of the nobles, although he is greatly resented by some of the nobility for his humble beginnings and his dwarfism, as well as his departure.

Wulf the Wild
Led a company of 300 wildlings from North of the Wall, about half of whom were able fighters, all the way South with Alyn Snow. He cut a deal with Wolfgang Locke, promising to serve him in exchange for protection for his people. Sarcastic, caustic, and bitter, he possessed a clear, perceptive wit, and was just, caring a great deal for his people, and taking to the South and civilisation well, learning to read and write. He served as Captain of Wolfgang’s bodyguard. He fought Alan Harrow’s men at a Crownlands village, where he was wounded, being smashed into by a destrier and slashed by a dagger. He was killed by the Unsullied at Blackwater when he lead 2000 Locke men-at-arms plus 2000 more hill tribesmen and his own wildling group into the flank of the Unsullied army; he died of a spear through the eye.


Wolfgang Locke

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