Vortimer Dayne



A quiet man, near silent as Ilyn Payne, even his motions are hard to hear. “Fluid as water itself.” Only seen when he chooses to be, very skilled in the game of shadows. A forgettable face, but piercing, vibrant purple eyes. Hair dark as night, skin pale as the moon, neither tall nor short, the man is conflict in human form. While preferring traps and poisons over direct combat, Vortimer’s skill with daggers is unparalleled, able to take on as many as five armed men with naught but a knife. An adept climber, seemingly able to find nooks and handholds where thought to be none. Wears dark cloaks, different hues of black, deep blue and purple. A suit of chain mail underneath, bathed in ash to hide it’s reflective properties. No visible weapons, but carries multiple daggers and stilettos, hidden away on his person. A very pragmatic and logical man, always looking for the most effective and practical course of action. Highly perceptive and almost able to know exactly what his target will do next, he is very dangerous. His targets never know what hit them and he leaves no witnesses. Has lived his whole life in Dorne, not much is known about his upbringing except that he is fiercely loyal to House Dayne.

House Sigil: Lavender, a sword across a falling star, both white.


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Before leaving Dorne, Dayne executed a Tyroshi merchant as a final test. He did so using a nearly invisible glass stiletto, with a poisoned edge. Pleased with his work, the Yronwoods gave Dayne the task to seek favor with Daeron Lockewood, Hand of the King. Dayne left the next morning for a ship headed to KL, before departure Vortimer said his goodbyes to childhood friend/lover/fellow assassin Mya. Mya leaves him with a wooden manticore ball, a token from their past.

Arrived in Kings Landing under the Yronwoods orders via ship. His first task given to him by the Hand, was to eliminate a treasonous steward in Harrenhal. Vortimer infiltrated Harrenhal under cover of night, eliminating many guards before killing his target. He returned to KL with a seal of the steward as proof, but before getting paid for his duties, the Hand was interrupted and was needed elsewhere.

Vortimer Dayne

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