Vilmos Sparling



A fairly ordinary looking gentleman, Vilmos is 6’0" in height, with hazel eyes, sandy brown hair, and a face which might place him between his early 30s and late 40s.

Possessed of a dynamic personality, Vilmos is often gregarious and generous in his interactions with others, though if one is careful, they might catch a glimpse of him quietly observing a group before announcing his own presence. As a guard in Lord Frederik Hightower’s service, he tends to adopt the standards of his station: Standard issue armor, a padded shirt and grey tabard, wide studded leather belt, and ashen leggings while on duty, and simply the slightly stained padded shirt, leggings, and belt while off duty.

If stressed or nervous, he will sneak pulls from a flask which remains hidden at all times within his padded shirt. He does not offer under any circumstances to share it with others, and as he has never exhibited symptoms of drunkenness while on duty, it has likely not been noticed, or fails to concern his employer.


Very little information if freely known about Vilmos’s past in any depth. Though he has stated he was born in Summerhall, and was raised near Three Towers, it is rather evident that he’s also spent a significant amount of time in Oldtown, based on his level of familiarity and the ease with which he navigates the city.

If the right questions were asked of the right people, it might come to light that he arrived in Oldtown sometime shortly after the royal party’s own arrival, and shortly before the Citadel Incident. By fluke of chance, he managed to frustrate the Hightower guards into allowing him an audience with their Sergeant, who promptly foisted him cleverly off on his own superior, the visiting Lord Frederick Hightower.

While his intentions had ever been to eventually gain the attention of the Lord Hightower (or another powerful noble), he had not meant to succeed this quickly and was plainly unprepared for the investigatively aggressive questions the Lord leveled at him (The Lord in turn seeking to ascertain if Vilmos might be able to help him solve a problem).

Vilmos spoke to some extent about being raised the son of a merchant, and the special skills he could offer in service to the Lord Hightower. Regardless, the Lord HIghtower signed off on hiring the guardsman, with the understanding that he offered several other unusual skillsets which might prove useful in the near future.

During the Citadel Incident, Vilmos assisted in several actions. He aided in delaying and incapacitating a squad of guards intent on cutting down loyal Maesters seeking sanctuary with the liberating Hightowers. He successfully led a flanking effort over the walls of the Citadel in order to ensure the courtyard was taken with minimum loss of life to both sides. He managed to infiltrate the novice quarters with Michael Flowers and Content Not Found: golvin-salme and secure the release of many prisoners held within the deathtrap by killing both a manticore and the expert swordsman Ryalt (who had been promised a confrontation with Ihniel Fyr).

Finally, he also accompanied the Lord Hightower during the attempt to rescue two important hostages and ensure the capture or killing of the Archmaester of Warfare. In the end, Lord Hightower was left in a poisoned and comatose state, but one of the boys lived, and the Archmaester succumbed to his injuries deep within the Citadel.

Vilmos now travels travels with the court to King’s Landing at the permission and request of Lord Hightower.

During the trip, he discreetly inquired about the list of captured, injured, and dead from the Citadel; He wished to know the fate of a single man. Lord Hightower discovered this to be the former Archmaester Harwyn, Upon being pressed for more information, Vilmos divulged a nightmare of torture, helplessness, and despair; his younger sister was taken in by Harwyn’s facade as a harmless old man dependent on their family for assistance. Upon discovering Harwyn’s deceit, Vilmos was drugged and left in a paralyzed state to witness the emotional and physical torture of his sister even unto her death.

It appears that Harwyn perhaps was interrupted before he could finish his work upon Vilmos, however, as the craven excuse for a maester had departed hastily in the night, leaving a rageful wreck of a man with no method by which to exact vengeance. This in turn drove Vilmos to liquidate his father’s modest estate and engage his every honed skill in tracking rare wisps of rumors as to the whereabouts of the beast. It finally led him even unto Oldtown and the Citadel itself, and even to taking a job as a guard in hopes of gaining access to the treacherous fiend.

After confirming Vilmos’s story as best as he is able, Lord Hightower admitted grimly that the creature once known as Harwyn had already met his death. Vilmos was left reeling, unable to bring the world into focus with the realization that his sister’s killer was forever beyond his reach. He retreated from all interaction for days, taking solace where he could, but only finding a break in those steely clouds of despair upon reaching the water once again, where his mind could take wing on the memory of his sister’s laughter.

Vilmos remains inwardly detestful of all maesters, though he finds the memory of the Citadel purging a surprisingly comforting one; in the midst of a rageful assault, he saw Harwyn’s face laid over Ryalt’s, which likely saved his life and proved a confusing end for the swordsman. He also inflicted a mortal wound upon the Archmaester of War during an unexpected ambush, who had worked hand in hand with Harwyn on their insidious plot.

If Vilmos can retain a semblance of sanity over the short term (greatly aided by his flask), there are likely many opportunities for a man of his skills in King’s Landing. If provided the chance, he will take advantage of any resource to seek out such vipers as Harwyn and end their unspoken threats to those he loves and the realm at large.

Vilmos Sparling

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