Tycel Lannister



Tycel has long wavy blonde hair that is shoulder length, light blue eyes, black eyebrows, fair skin , very skinny , and a 16 year old boy and 6’8 in inches already, flirty with the women he likes, also very attractive. A very cocky attitude mostly because of him being a Lannister. He always has his sword Wolfbane equipped by his side never goes anywhere without it. He usually where’s very fine clothing usually with lions on them relating to his family or he where’s his Lannister armor, including the a red cape with his black leather gloves, given to him by his cousin Ser Jaime Lannister , who he served as a squire to and hopes to be a knight as honorable as him some day. He has recently showed up at Kings Landing to meet his cousin Ser Quentan Lannister cause of the news of his cousin doing well. He also suffers from bipolar affect meaning he can snap at any minute.


Tycel was born to Landon and Constance Redwyne (Landon is a brother of Stafford Lannister). He was their first born child, he has a Twin sister named Tycella and a little brother named Garwen Lannister . They were all raised in Lannisport and were loved and cared for very well, but Tycel was always easily angered if he didn’t get his way but his sister always calmed him down. He and his sister devolved affections for each other and it was always keep a secret. When he was Twelve he went to Casterly Rock for the first time, where he first met his cousin Jaime. When the family arrived his father took him to meet to meet his uncle Tywin. When his father was talking to Tywin, Tywin said that it would be a good idea for the boy be a squire to my son Jaime, Tycel loved the idea of him meeting a brave knight of the kings guard like Jaime, his father agreed that it would be a good idea for him to do so. After that his father took him to Jaime and his father left him to Jaime. Jaime was never there as much as he should have been in those few years and he barely trained him well during the time, leaving him to further evolve his arrogance and laziness. After a few years of being a squire Jaime decided Tycel “was prepared”very early even though he still lacked essential skills. Then he was knighted by Tywin and received his Lannister armor. Before Tycel left back to Lannisport Jaime stopped him and said I want you to have this, it was a fine crafted steel sword one handed, and for the first time in his life he said thank you, he then named it Wolfbane.

Tycel Lannister

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