Sevra Faalur



Tall, medium build, dark short hair and green eyes. Has a piece of cloth wrapped around his left eye. Wields a broadsword, a falcata and sometimes a crossbow. He is a decent blacksmith and a good fighter.

“a very distinctive fellow. Young-ish, wears an eye patch, carries an ostentatiously large sword and a strange little sword-axe hybrid thing he calls a falcata.” -Wolfgang Locke


Travelling since born, he traveled across Westeros with his family. Orphaned at a young age, he and his brother trained themselves, making a perfect team. When the war of the five kings erupted, they became skrinishers, fighting in behalf of the Crown. They worked anonymously, even closing in and almost murdering Robb Stark. One day, fighting in the underways of a castle, a defender hurled wildfire at him, leaving his left eye dead, but still seeing. After a while, though, his brother went to fight under Ser Fyr‘s command, and they parted ways. Sevra stayed at a minor lord’s hold, even getting in a relationship with the lord’s daughter. One night, the Lord’s bodyguard killed the girl and tried to kill Sevra. Sevra killed him and burnt the keep with the lord in it. Since then he found it hard to trust Lords.

Sevra arrived at the Keep and became a sellsword under Fyr´s command. After a while, and thinking Fyr was dead, he took employement as captain of his friend at the time, Paxter Whent. After Whent´s untimely demise, he accepted the same position in Daeron Lockewood´s House Guard. However, Fyr proved to be very much alive, and the ensuing discussion made Lockewood demote him. In the battle against Volpahart, Sevra fought alongside Daeron, while the force of a hundred men under his command fought alongside Bryte, and joined Sevra only after the Blackwater fell. Sevra rode alongside Daeron and helped to stop the riots in the city, while Daeron was fighting Aegon Flowers. After the battle he stuck around Daeron, and when Daeron fell uncontious, he stayed alongside him as long as he could. The day Daeron fell uncontious, Sevra got a new pet, a white owl Daeron called Suvion. During the battle of the Citadel, he took command of a force that, until that moment, was being led by a useless commander. His efforts to assault the Rookery with Illyria Valerius and Eryx gained him a Golden Chain and a pouch of Gold. Not long after, he met lady Anya Rosby, whom he started a secret relationship with. This made it easier for the usurper Boros Baratheon to add him to his cause, under promises of becoming Commander of the Goldcloaks, what would bring Sevra enough prestige to formally be in a relationship with Lady Rosby. After knowing that Boros had threathened Della Lockewood, Sevra became enranged with the Bastard, and he pledged his allegiance to the Hand, making sure Boros’ coronation went through, eventually taking part in a coup that culminated in Boros’ decapitations at Daeron’s hands. After the whole affair, Sevra was officially made Commander of the Goldcloaks by Daeron, and after some weeks, Ser Royce put young Lucan Tyrell under his watchful eye, to train the young Tyrell. After some days, when Royce finally left King’s Landing for reasons unknown, Tyrell became Sevra’s official squire. Some time later, Sevra entered a relationship with Lady Anya Rosby, who then left for Rosby to put her family’s affairs in order. When the court learned about Aegon and his trip North, Sev joined the travelling party. Travelling, he oficcially terminated the relationship with lady Rosby, and with Lord Eyx Valerius and Izaak killed a Lizard Lion. This brought problems with Illyria Valerius and Daeron Lockewood. At the wall, he fought the necromancer Castor, bfore being engulfed in heavy winds that brought him face to face with an Aeromancer. The Aeromancer revealed himself as Sevra’s brother, and told Sevra about his origins as a Qohorene called Draqerio Nahar. Afterwards, knowing he’d never get a pardon, the Aeromancer, known as Jalmios, gave Sevra information about his companions and killed himself with Sev’s Valyrian Steel sword, having deleted all few records of their parentage. Two years later, Sevra mantained himself as Commander of the Goldcloaks, keeping a friendship with the now King Lockewood. He’s worked with Elysia Dayne, a dornish envoy, until her banning from the Goldcloaks. He also entered a mutual respect with Ivan Wolfsbane, who told him the truth about Edwyrd Viola, who Sevra mistrusted for his involvement with Aegon. He also is in unstable ground with Harleen Quynn, knowing she’s not what it seems.

Sevra Faalur

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