Renna Reed



16 name days
4’7", slender and fine-boned.
Moss green eyes, small and narrow nose, dark brown arching eyebrows and chin-length dark brown hair.

Spear: Having trained with the spear for almost seven years, Renna has reached the level of deadly proficiency. She received a caste-forged spear on her thirteenth name day from her now deceased Uncle Howland Reed, which fulled her desire to continue mastering the weapon. However, apart from using it to hunt, Renna tends not to carry her spear around with her in King’s Landing except to the practice yard.

Dagger: Intrigued by the dagger, Renna decides she will give this weapon a shot. She is surprised, albeit pleased when Anders Brax agrees to forge her a dagger, while giving her his own to practice with after taking her promise she will take good care of it. Though she has the dexterity from her spear practice, Renna is still getting used to the shorter reach and one-handed balance of the dagger. Spending most of her days in the training yard, she has improved vastly, though has a ways to go before mastery.
Anders has finished her dagger, and she now uses it to practice.

Flexibility: Due to a concession she made with her father, one hour of dance per two hours of spear, Renna has become extremely flexible and skilled in acrobatics. This, combined with her short stature, has helped Renna squeeze out of tight situations.

Strength: After being bested by three assassins, Renna has upped her training to include extra time added for core, arm and leg strength.

Balance: A fundamental part of spear training and acrobatics, Renna spends a good part of her training with her eyes closed, finding her center of balance while performing different moves. She is still thrown off a bit with the vast difference in finding her center with the spear compared to the dagger.



She rode ahead on horseback, as an envoy of her father, to tell the Lord Hand the Crannogmen would fight in the coming war. After that cool reception, she was assigned quarters and has been passing her days practicing with her spear, working on her flexibility, and eating (lots of eating) in the great hall.

Meetings Part I

The Lord Hand Wolfgang Locke: They met once, and Renna gets the feeling he doesn’t give any hells that she is there, as long as the Crannogmen are fighting for the Crown.
Ander Brax: Renna first bumps into Anders in the training yard, where she uses his dagger to cut off her braid. When Renna returns to the grounds because she has forgotten her spear (a common occurrence), she is extremely disconcerted and somewhat chilled that Anders is using the braid as target practice. She inadvertently flips and runs back to the keep. Anders trails her, and she confronts him in the halls, asking what he has against her, and why he seems to hate her. Once she is done shouting, however, he explains that he honestly was not thinking that way, and that the braid made a challenging target so he decided to use it. They end up shaking hands, as friends. Later, when she asks him about teaching her the use of the dagger, Anders surprisingly gives her his own while he goes and forges one for her.
Jacek: The Lord Commander was signing in the Godswood when Renna came upon him. They were friends right off, with Jacek supporting Renna when she went through a period of self-doubt.

Called Away

Two months after arriving at the Red Keep , Renna receives a Raven bearing news that her mother is experiencing complications with her pregnancy. After a hasty goodbye to Anders, who tells her to keep the dagger (and keep it safe!) Renna rides back North to Greywater Watch. By the time she arrives, her mother has already gone into premature labor and Renna is asked-well told-that she needs to watch over her younger brothers because no one else can, and Lord Reed and her older brothers have gone hunting.

The young twins, Brian and Bastion are the same as usual, causing Renna no end of trouble. They poke around her belongings and find her dagger, which they do not hesitate to tell Lord Reed about upon his return. Furious that his daughter has taken up another weapon (the spear had been a hard won compromise), he threatens to take it away, thus Renna revealing that it wasn’t hers to give away -though at that moment he is called into the birthing chambers to see his wife and just-born sixth son. Renna is left alone with her eldest brother, Jory.

“So, if it is not your dagger, did you steal it then?” he asks, casually.
“Of course not” Renna scowls “it was given to me”
“Someone just gives you their fancy dagger for no reason?” He snatches it, twirling it easily.
“I-no-give that back! It’s on loan, and I said I would take care of it until he forges me my own”
“He?” Jory raises an eyebrow, smirking.
“A friend” she says, hastily.
His eyebrows goes up higher “Really…you made a friend?” Renna punches at him, but he dances away, laughing. “And just a friend, is he?”
“Yes, just a friend” she growls. “Now please give it back to me” she asks, holding out her palm. Jory, gives it back to her, and they are silent for a moment.
“I won’t tell father you know. I will let him know I took the dagger and hid it from him-though you now have to keep it out of his and everyone else’s sight”.
Renna nods, and Jory tousles her hair “besides, little sister, father still has to berate you for cutting your hair short”. He walks away, chortling.

Renna Reed

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