Paxter Whent



A tall lean man, he is a soldier by trade newly brought into the fold by Wolfgang Locke, he stands about 6’6" and has focused more on his speed and agility rather than brute strength, making him a force to be reckoned with. He is highly competent with his weirwood longbow “Heartseeker” and is learning with his newly found blade “Reaver”. He wears fine lightweight mix of scale mail and leather armor with the metal painted a forest green and the leather mottling him brown, he can melt into the forest with ease, and uses this skill to his advantage on many occasions.


Not much is known about Vylarr’s history, practically nothing TBH. a calm man, with quite the temper, but rather than explode like a certain ex-lord commander of the queensgaurd, this soldier, lets it smolder and makes his moves for vengeance quietly and without fuss. Had a run-in with Kerowyn Milla that, after a few twists and turns, leaves him confused and hurt, but refusing to continue being the girls plaything. The man is doing his best to fit in, and rise in the esteem of the lord hand, serving the realm, and the iron throne, faithfully. Hopes to some day settle down, and find himself a wife and have a family. The man, carries out all orders, though he does not always like it, and he has a stain upon his honor after some of the things he’s had to do in the past. He was revealed by Lord Wolfgang Locke to be Paxter Whent, last surviving member of the house Whent. He was awarded a title and granted Lordship over the lands of Harrenhall, he was also made Master of ships, being one of the few people in the keep with experience in naval warfare, having been tutored in all types of warfare by his late graandfather.

Paxter Whent

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