Orion Rahms





Younger son of Stratarchis Vorgas Rahms, uncle to Baldric.

Current War Archon of the Marches, Lord of Stone Shield.

Ugly, missing an eye and 6’ 8", Orion was called “Cyclops” in his youth. Clumsy and slow, he wasn’t the expert swordsman or warrior that Rahms men are expected to be. But his physical strength was prodigious, which made his lack of swordsmanship irrelevant against most opponents.

The younger son of Stratarchis Vorgas Rahms, he was largely ignored by his father and trained in the art of statecraft and ruling so that he could help his older brother rule after Stratarchis’ death. When NoName renounced the blade and dedicated his life to finer things, Orion expected to be named heir. Instead, his father named Baldric Rahms, newborn son of NoName, heir.

For his whole youth and the majority of his adult life, Orion was overshadowed. Once head of House Rahms, his knack for ruling from behind the scenes and his powerful administrative ability helped him reshape the Marches’ economy in House Rahms’s favor, secure his family’s grip on the Marches, and piece the Rahms war machine back together.

Rahms was last seen riding for his holdings before the invasion. He was presumed dead.

Orion Rahms returned without explanation to the Stone Shield, ending the regency of an Yronwood courtier. He has entered into negotiations with Ganelon Petros regarding possession of disputed lands, but has fared poorly in them.

Orion Rahms

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