Nymera Gulazar



Nymera is an attractive Dornishwoman and a trained healer who always carries two pouches on her belt and often carries her sword, Riversand, as well.


Nymera Sand grew up as a Greenblood orphan, living life on the river as the only “child” of her “mother,” Arya, or Ari, as she called the woman who raised her and alongside another family of three. Aside from that, Nymera knew no more of her biological family except that she was given to Ari as an infant by a mysterious lady. After the completion of a lengthy research project, she sent ravens to the houses from which, she suspected, her parents hailed, and received a response from House Fowler, verifying that her mother was a Fowler, and her father a Yronwood.

She is a striking woman, a very skilled with the sword, and a still more skilled healer who serves the crown as such and, after the Battle of Blackwater Bay, did not hear of the betrayal of the Dornish until two days after the conclusion of the battle, having been occupied tending to the injured.

She rose to the position of envoy of house Allyrion after she saved the life of their heir. Ryon Allyrion had ridden in, then proceeded to say he was feeling ill, started to shake, and then collapsed. As it turned out, he had been poisoned at a feast he was attending in honor of the festival that had clogged the streets with drunken revelers. Nymera asked permission to aid, and, as the maester was out and it would be quite difficult to reach him, let alone get him back in time to save the heir’s life, received it without problem. Having tended to him skillfully, she left, leaving only her name and where to find her if she was needed, and a few instructions on his care along with some concoctions to help rid the toxins from his body.

The next day, Nymera received a call from several guards of the house Allyrion while she was at home, on her houseboat, working on deciphering an ancient text which Ari had found in the market, being sold for barely any money. They told her that Lady Allyrion had requested she be brought to their keep, and as a result, they had been sent to fetch her. Upon her audience with the lady, Nymera learned that she was going to be placed in the service of House Allyrion, and if she disagreed, she might well be dragged back to serve the house anyhow as Lady Allyrion, in her old age, had become somewhat senile, quite sharp and ungentle and very determined. After a two years, the House Allyrion decided to establish a presence in court and to send Nymera as neither of the legitimate, living house members was inclined to go.

After she learned of the betrayals of Blackwater Bay, Nymera decided to turn her back on the house that she served as she had never really been particularly loyal to any one house except by association as she had grown up living a semi-nomadic lifestyle, traveling up and down the Greenblood with her family and helping all those who needed aid in sickness or injury. She felt that her first allegiance should be to the realm, as she had always been one of its subjects and only really a subject of House Allyrion for two years.

For a while, Nymera had spent her time in the infirmary, reading, or around the keep and much less in the training yards than normal, due to a broken wrist she received from an excellent spar she had with Anders Brax. She was also spending much of her time in the company of Horace Allard , with whom she was developing a relationship. During the period of a few days, after Allard ended their relationship, this resulted in her becoming closer to Renna Reed and Brax. At the end of this time, Allard confessed all his crimes to the interim hand, Daeron Lockewood. Having to deal with Lord Horace Allard, Nymera was quite unhappy for a time and even more so, in someways, when he explained and then confessed some of his crimes to her. Late that day, she found that she was Allard’s sole heir. The day before that, Allard had given her his star necklace. She thinks that that is probably linked to the inheritance somehow, though she doesn’t know for sure—it could have just been a prized possession.

Nym, mourning the deaths of all her friends in Plankytown and its destruction, went on a long trip to see the ruins of Plankytown, visit her family, and familiarize herself with her inheritance.

Upon her return to the keep, she met many new faces and discovered that she was one of the persons whose blood had been stolen.

After a few months, Nym mostly recovered her emotional resiliency. She became the head of the infirmary in the Red Keep and ceded control of Harrenhall to her sister, Maia. She is still a Gulazar, but Maia is as well, and the head of the house.

About a half year after her return to the capital, Nymera married Ryman, formerly known as Darkness. He was Ander Brax’s right-hand man until after the revelations about “King” Boros Baratheon.

Despite being pregnant, Nymera stayed with the main group during the journey to the wall, intending to aid anyone should they need medical assistance. When all were separated, she, seven months pregnant, and Ryman found themselves struggling to survive North of the Wall during the Long Winter. They came across a badly injured young wilding woman, who would only identify herself as Ysolt. In return for her their kindness, as they saved her life, Ysolt aided the couple.

After the birth of their child, Branwen, Nymera continued to work, sometimes with Branwen at her side, sometimes with Branwen with her husband. During the plague, Nymera developed procedures for quarantine and treatment of the ill. After being kept out of the vaccine, she was furious, but resigned, though that faded as time went on and she had entirely forgiven the king by the time of his death, when she tended to him to reduce the pain and prolong his life slightly. During the invasion of King’s Landing, Ryman was killed while Nymera was imprisoned in poor conditions for a time with Branwen. Soon after, Branwen remained captive while Nymera was put to work as a healer for the Myrish.

Nymera Gulazar

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