Nerissa Magnar

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A young woman from the infamous island of Skagos, of average height, athletic build, golden hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes. Usually seen wearing leathers and furs, usually forming some sort of Nordic armour.

Even-tempered, though not well mannered or lady-like, she cares little about others and their well-being, only interested in her own survival and safety. Though when in social situations she is generally care-free and most likely to crack joke about people, especially their misfortunes.

A fearless warrior, trained with the uses of axes, swords and daggers with a nigh perfect shot with a crossbow. Happy to fight just about anyone, weapons or bare-fisted.


Born in Kingshouse on the island of Skagos in 287 AL to the Lord and Lady Magnar, Nerissa is the only daughter out of nine children and the middle child. Growing up with eight brothers proved difficult, with her soon having to learn how to fight off her brothers to even get the slightest bit of attention. She became somewhat wild and vicious towards her siblings, and wouldn’t hesitate pulling a knife on any of them. This behaviour caused a rift between her parents and herself, with her father branding her as a “wild animal” and “a disgrace to her family.”

After her father tried to force a marriage between her and the last born son of House Crowl, she became more rebellious, causing hell to get out of this marriage until it lead to her biting the ear off her would-be-betroth, grinning like a feral animal with the ear between her teeth. Outrage and boarderlining war, Lord Magner was given the choice to exile or execute his daughter. After consideration, he sent her to Essos with a small amount of her belongings, her companion Hel included.

Nerissa Magnar

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