Myra Stone



Age: 17

Sex: Female

Myra is innocent, despite her recent hardships. She honestly wants to believe everyone is inherently good. That being said she is not stupid. Myra understands how important secrets are, how vital information can be when it’s in the correct hands. She knows the clean way is not always the best way.

She’s pretty, though not shockingly beautiful. Her hair is long and wavy with red undertones in an otherwise unremarkable brunette mane. Her eyes, large and dark green, are her defining feature, and her pale skin only enhances them. Her nose is slightly crooked from an old riding injury many years ago. She stands at about 5’3" with a rounded figure hinting at a soft upbringing and a penchant for lemon tarts. She looks like a woman you would want to befriend if only because she is so ordinary.



Myra Stone is the natural daughter of Bronze Yohn Royce and Arawyn Corbray, much to his eternal shame. Bronze loved Arawyn in his youth for less than a week, but Myra was the lasting result and stain on his otherwise impeccable honor. Arawyn was quickly sequestered to a small castle in the northern most part of The Vale and Lord Royce was forced to tell his lady wife of his indiscretions. What started as a tryst ended in a strained marriage and bastard-born nobility.

Despite the discomfort Myra brought to her families, she grew up enjoying life at the small manor. There were servants, horses, and an abundance of books to read. Her father came to visit her every year, but she never looked forward to his visits. He was kind, but he and her Lady mother always quarreled loudly at night before tumbling into bed. For months after, her mother would ignore her and stare down the road leading away from the castle with tears in her eyes.

When Myra flowered, the visits from her father grew even more tense. They no longer went to bed together after their fights, and her mother grew thin and pinched. Myra had no idea what they argued about, until her 17th birthday when her Father paid an unexpected visit. He brought with him a merchant from The Sisters; an older man of 50 with a kettle-belly and little hair. Lord Royce introduced the man as Dagal Hemswell, her future husband. Her mother never said a word, just turned and walked upstairs.

Bronze Yohn watched her go with an angry look on his face, but proceeded with dinner as if nothing happened. While her father walked away with the master-of-horse to inspect a few mares, Dagal Hemswell took the time to look over his bride… without her permission. Her father came running to Myra’s screams, but it was too late. Dagal Hemswell stole what is most precious to a woman and there was no way to get it back. To complicate things further, she’d killed him after offering guest-right.

A maester was instructed to give Myra moon tea for a month. Once they were sure she was not with child, Myra was told to bid her mother goodbye and go to Red Keep to be a servant. Her father never saw her again.

Since her arrival at the Red Keep, Myra serves the guests in the feast hall and does her best to cover her upbringing. She’ll admit to being a bastard, but of whom is usually kept a secret. She reports to Lord Daeron Lockewood.

Myra Stone

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