Maekar Stonebreaker



24 years old,192 cm tall, trained body, beardless, a kind of handsome face which most times has a serious expression, dark-haired, green-blue eyes, mixture of an ironic and too serious character, likes hunting and sports in general like riding, swimming etc., is very loyal to his family and house Lannister (his second family), is easily annoyed by stereotypes, vendettas and too strong conservatism, liberal thinking


Events before chara interfers into RP: House Stonebreaker’s holds were given to them by Lord Tywin Lannister after offering great help in the so-called “Castemere-Crisis”. They founded Stonegarden in the northest part of the Westerlands and were betrothed to watch out for Iron-born pirates and other unwelcomed intruders. Their word are “we serve the rock”. Maekar was born as the third part of the lineage since the family was claimed noble.
His father, Lord Markus Stonebreaker, is the second Lord of Stonegarden and had two sons before his wife, Lady Ryna, died in a accident while visiting the quarries. His first-born and heir, Maewen Stonebreaker,was killed in the the “Clash of the five Kings” fighting at Riverrun against the Northmen. Still, no hate or prejudices found a way into his mind and until today he loves the peace required during the last years.
Maekar was 9 years old when he left Stonegarden to serve Ser Kevan Lannister as a servant and squire. The time of King Robert Baratheon he spent at Casterly Rock to train the properties of a true knight. While his brother fought aside Jamie Lannister, Maekar accompanied in the age of 18 years Ser Kevan and Lord Tywin and got some first battle experience facing the northmen leaded by Lord Bolton. In Harrenhal, Lord Tywin appointed him to be a full knight.
After his older brother’s death, he was sent back to Stonegarden. There he helped his father establish one of the most remarkable industries during the time of war. Having most men left in the Stonegarden to defend the northern border against possible Stark’s followers, the granite and marble production developed more then well. Their financial power, there storehouses and the stored food for winter grew while especially the Riverlands suffered from war. In the more recent conflicts, house Stonebreaker was never asked to contribute more then their limits.
Today the resources on which house Stonebreaker can rely on can not be compared to any smaller house in Westeros. Furthermore, the new Lord Kevan Lannister fully trust them.


Recently, he was sent to negotiate a trade-agreement between the crown, house Lannister and house Stonebreaker. While handling the offers and presents to King Daeron Lockewood he was suddenly part of the Fynn-Hightower-case and investigated together with Lady Marei Arnall and Lady Elysia Dayne to get hints on Fynn’s place. Becoming ill in a sudden the last thing he could do was to tell Lady Marei Arnall to look in places where Fynn has not be seen before. He was satisfied when the young lady managed to kill the criminal.

Finally. Maekar and Lady Marei found a common level and the trade-agreement between crown, house Lannister and house Stonebreaker is established. It contains several investments in infrastructure, conditions for future-trade of certain goods and better taxes for the parties. Hopefully, all will benefit from it!

In the feasthall, Maekar met Lady Isabell Redwyne, a seventeen year old girl from the Arbor. After some meetings they fell in love and are now betrothed. Marriage will follow as soon as their parents arrive from the Westerlands and the Reach. After some troubles, they marry with the most prominents from Westeros as their guests. Now the couple lives happily together in the Red Keep.

After a short period of time as one of the Master of Keys in the armoury and equipping the new recruits of the city watch with a halberds especially developed for city guards, Maekar was appointed by King Daeron Lockewood to be the Master of Ships in his Small Council. He started this new task by investigating with Lady Illyria Valerius’, the new appointed Lady Hand, permission Dragonstone and the missing ships of the royal fleet placed there. Furthermore, six new Dromons and two smaller galleys are now built in different harbours of the Crownlands. Yehaaaa!

On the Rykker-wedding he was most time passive and prefered to watch the two dromons which were built in the city of Duskendale, until the fire started in the theatre. Worried about his wife and his squire he hurried to get there. He rescued the king with others from the theatre and organized the transport from Duskendale to Kingslanding. On the ship, King Daeron died and some of his last words he spoke to Maekar. Back in the capital, Lady Valerius, now the ruling person there, appointed him to be Master of War additionally and to be part of the ruling circle until Prince Adrian comes off age. Additionally, a new squire joined his service: Lucan Tyrell, brother of Lucas Tyrell. Lets see how this young man will fit in.

Maekar Stonebreaker

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