Korzion Aryisar



Age: Unknown, appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties
Race: Unknown, appears to be partially of Dornish descent.
Sex: Male

Description: He stands at about six feet tall, with soft, flowing locks of midnight black hair that cascade down to his shoulders. He has somewhat almond-shaped, piercing brownish orange eyes, and eyebrows that curve in a way that seems to accentuate the intensity of his gaze. He has darkish skin, the complexion hinting at a mixed ancestry, as he is not quite as dark as one from Dorne, but not quite as light as one from Northern Westros. His voice is smooth and softly accented with tones of High Valyrian, and is generally placid, though this only makes it all the more dangerous-sounding when he’s roused. He is well-built and his facial features are handsome and sharp with a longish nose, but the left side of his body is marred by old burn scars. They appear to have been from a very serious burn, though they aren’t so bad as to detract from his looks. The entire left side of his body is covered by ritual tattoos, the designs hinting heavily at worship of the Red God.

Clothing: He generally wears robes of a fairly nondescript design, but of a resplendent crimson hue. He also wears a warmly glowing ornate steel greatsword across his back most of the time, the steel dyed red and the hilt plated with gold. He wears a leather satchel on his hip at all times, the front of which is emblazoned with the symbol of the blazing heart.

Weaponry: He has been trained in many different types of weapons, but he favours the greatsword. He is also very proficient with spears, shortswords, longbows, crossbows, and throwing knives. He is also able to comfortably wear very heavy armour without decreasing his battle efficiency, and he has been trained to a lesser extent in spear and shield combat.

Style: In battle, he is a very calm and collected fighter. He is both strong and fast when wielding greatswords, particularly Lightrend, which has been perfectly balanced for Korzion. He usually lights his weaponry aflame, and the fire created by him spreads to other objects very easily, turning cloth into a fiery prison and burning skin quicker than any mundane fire. Despite his prowess in combat, he prefers a more peaceful approach, and will always take to negotiations whenever there is the chance. Though he wouldn’t say it, he views those who relish combat too much in a very negative light. This is part of the reason he has been sent to Westeros instead of one of the more militant members of the faith.


Korzion is, technically, an orphan. He was abandoned at a young age by his parents (his father was rumoured to be a Stark and his mother a Dornishwoman) in the city of Volantis. He learned early on how to pick pockets and steal food, learning by watching other urchins on the streets. He was always quick-witted and quick-fingered, but soon his crimes caught up with him. One day, a slaver from the Slaver Cities to the north caught him trying to pick his pockets, and threw him to the guards. From there, he was given to the Temple of R’hllor in the city, fated to be burned alive as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light. He tried to struggle, tried to get away, but to no avail. The day after his capture, he was thrown into the flames of the ritual pyre, his fate seemingly sealed, his death imminent…but when the wood burned to ashes, the boy remained, curled into a ball and passed out, intact but for serious burns down his left side. The Priesthood saw this as a sign from R’hllor that this child was to accomplish great things, and the High Priest adopted him as his son and dubbed him “Korzion”, which is iron in High Valyrian, as a reference to him being “forged” in the fires of the Red God. From that day on, Korzion lived up to his namesake, as he never cried or complained about anything, even the vastly painful burns that covered his left side, and his will stayed strong. Not once throughout his religious instruction or his battle training did he complain of boredom or cry after a good thrashing. He always aspired to do better, to do more. It was as if the flames had changed his outlook entirely. And eventually, he was promoted to a rank just below High Priest, and sent by his father to Westeros to spread the Light of R’hllor to those lands. Only time will tell if he will be successful and achieve greatness, or if he will disappear into history like so many others before him…

Korzion Aryisar

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