Kazur Vanhal



Ex-member of the faceless men, possesses the skill to change his appearance. Ventured to Westeros to find entertainment of all sorts. Silent type, from Lorath.

Possess a Valyrian Dagger, with a dragonbone hilt, named Dragon’s Kiss. Given by Wolfgang Locke for succeeding an assassination assignment.
Wields a masterworked dagger, and the valyrian dagger on the sides. And a one handed sword on the back.

Dāeri vali pōntalo syt gaomoti iderēbzi.


Has seen it all, and is bored with it. Therefore he travelled to Westeros to seek out new forms of entertainment.

Has since returned to Essos. Rumour has it the Wolfgang had him killed; with tensions with Braavos burning, potentially agravated by the renegade Faceless Man, and Kazur’s irritating lack of subtlety (roof climbing, introducing himself as a Faceless Man, etc.), unreasonably high prices, and Valyrian steel, there was plenty of reason for him to be wanted dead.

Kazur Vanhal

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