Jorah Hornlake



A skilled warrior and lord from the north born of house Hornwood and Lake, Jorah grew up with high expectations of himself and at the age of thirteen he had a very large knowledge of Westeros and all of the houses as well as a little knowledge of the summer isles. Jorah has always needed to know much about Houses, landscape and about weapons to be able to survive and be a squire. He later earned his lordship, given to him by the Hand, through this knowledge as he killed dangerous and strong bandits.

He is known for being calm but never forgetting and waiting until the best time to take revenge. His House’s words are “We remember”. Jorah of house Hornlake is a northern man with dark brown hair and a beard. He was previously married to the deceased Catelyn Hornlake He also has a daughter of two who is named Lyanna. He commands between 2000 and 2500 troops and they helped win the battle against the rebels at the Darry so the royal troops could pass. He previously served as Master of coin at King’s Landing before disappearing after The Battle For King’s Landing

“A bastard can rise higher than a regular highborn because a bastard has less to lose.”

“What money does a master of coin watch over if the crown is broke?”


Jorah Hornlake

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