Iyla Marbrand



Iyla Marbrand is 20 years old, tall, blond, and green eyed.


Iyla is the only daughter and youngest child of Addam Marbrand. She has two blood brothers, Jamie and Gregor and one half brother, Terrin. Her older brother Jamie and half brother Terrin are very important to her. The person she loves most in the world is her son, Robb. Her mother died of a sickness when Iyla was nine, and since then the only female influence in her life has been Terrin’s betrothed, Elyn, who is a Dothraki princess. Iyla is a victim of regular and extremely violent abuse at the hands of her older brother Gregor. Since the death of Joffrey, who was Iyla’s best friend, the abuse has gotten more severe and frequent. Iyla only puts up with the abuse because Gregor has threatened to kill her son if she doesn’t cooperate. She was rumored to have been in a relationship with Joffrey before he died, but this was never proven. Some of the rumors went even farther, claiming that she and Joffrey had a child, but she denied these rumors as well.

Iyla is no longer a lady-in-waiting to the Queen, but remains in King’s Landing to protect her son.

She recently found out that her betrothed, Ser Troy Everett was killed by direwolves.

She recently discovered that her father was poisoned.

Following the death of her father and the fact that her brother Jamie is the new Lord Marbrand, Iyla has been even more desperate to leave King’s Landing.

Following the execution of her best friend, Warren, Iyla grew apart from Anders Brax, only to reconcile with him a few days later. The two have begun a relationship.

After Anders broke up with her, Iyla is now betrothed to Ser Quentan Lannister. She knows of Quentan’s hatred of Anders and uses it to fuel her own growing hatred of him.

After learning of Quentan’s deception and lies, Iyla developed an intense loathing for him and felt no sadness whatsoever when hearing of his death. She has begun a relationship with Derryk Storm.

Iyla has recently become Lady Baratheon after marrying Derryk when he became legitimized. She is also pregnant with their first child.

Iyla Marbrand

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