Ivan Wolfbane


  • Clothing – Ivan wears as follows: Newer Robe, mostly White, but with a icy blue trim. This Robe only goes to Ivan’s knees, allowing more mobility. Steel armor breastplate, steel guanlets for combat, and steel greaves to cover his boots. Dark trousers. Dark boots
  • Weapons – Ivan has, severely downgraded his weapon stash. He has a Castle-forged Steel sword, WolfBane, a gift from Illyria Valerius on his wedding night. He has a steel short sword, mostly for spars. He also carries one of his signature daggers on his person all the time, you can never be too safe in Kings Landing. Not necessarily a weapon, but Ivan is the proud owner of BlackHeart, his jet black horse companion.
  • Attributes – Ivan is used to extreme cold. He is a gifted climber, and an expert in hand-to-hand combat as well as fighting with his daggers. Deadly accuracy with his throwing knives. Has an unique ability to brown-nose his way out of most situations. Ivan can be unnaturally quiet if need be.
  • Body Features – Ivan is on his record 19 namedays, in reality however he is actually around 27. Ivan is approximately 6’ 5", very tall for a male in Westeros. Ivan has short cropped black hair, and a growing beard that he feels should be grown due to the Winter thickening. He has icy blue eyes, resembling of the Wights and White Walkers of beyond the Wall, but without their distinct fear causing attributes. Well muscled from years of fighting and climbing. A vast array of scars on his body, including some on his head, as well as a record of his age on his left forearm.
  • Thought Process – Kill or be killed; hunt or be hunted; Never waste a day away; observe with a dragon’s eye; and most importantly, Leave the innocents out of the crossfire.

Ivan is an orphan, left to die by his parents beyond the Wall. His actual birth location is believed to be near Craster’s Keep. Ivan, for the first recorded 13 years of his life (For explanation of recorded years, see Body Features) was hunted by Wildings in the Haunted Forest. He got his first dagger at the age of 8 namedays near the Whitetree. He then started to fight back, killing any Wildings he encountered for tormenting him for so long. His first attempt over the wall was at eight, and he kept a record on his arm every year on how many attempts it took to get through the Wall. This started his recorded age at one, going on to today, where Ivan is at 19. His trademark scar, a nasty jagged mark between his shoulder blades, was caused by a spearhead from a Wilding in a fight near Craster’s Keep.

At the recorded age of 14, Ivan escaped the area beyond the Wall. He voyaged to the city of White Harbor, where he first got paid to kill. It was a small job, but it led to the successful career Ivan now has. The reward for this job was a gift of his two forearm daggers, left as a gift from an anonymous source that the original contract holder had no connection to. Ivan fought in a tournament, unsure of what it was for he signed up anyway. It led to Ivan winning his horse, a jet black horse called BlackHeart. Ivan has trained this horse to come to his side by merely whistling a specific tune.

Ivan arrived in King’s Landing a couple of days before the Small Council’s caravan left for Oldtown. He befriended Josh, a fellow assassin, and planned a heist in Old Town with him. Josh, however, was killed some days later. The heist is of an abandoned business vault in the ruins of a prior employer Ivan had from Sow’s Horn. On the Caravan, Ivan met new people as well; Ser Lehan, a knight guarding the caravan; Yashua, a drug dealer who dreams of Alchemy; and last but not least Sibyl, an expert Alchemist with whom Ivan has discovered the piece he has been missing in his life.

Upon arrival at Oldtown, Ivan and Lehan will, with the assistance of Yashua possibly, pull off the heist. The secrets within (return later for more information). With the caravan’s arrival at Highgarden, Ivan received a contract from a mysterious person in Oldtown. The items at risk are too high for Ivan to ignore. In HighGarden, Ivan attempted to investigate the murders that took place while the Caravan stayed in the city, but to no avail.

Ivan has arrived at Old Town after the journey down Rose Road. He meet a rather mysterious contact in the Harbor, an elderly woman with burns running down half of her face. Ivan has been challenged to ride to the town of Honeywall and poison the wine for a celebration of a feast some tradesmen are having. Ivan had to break the news to Sibyl of his departure, and will leave in the upcoming days.

The contract was a success, but unknown to Ivan the poison killed about a dozen children. The elder woman tricked him into breaking his own law, his own code. He swore he was helping an innocent woman, take back what was hers, but she betrayed him.

When Ivan discovered what he had done, he poisoned the Septa woman that caused him to kill the kids with her own devices, the crystals used in the wine to poison the children. After she was long dead, Ivan cut off her head and brought it to Lord Frederik HighTower, Lord of Honeywall. Fred offered Ivan the job of teaching his servants and squire how to fight, and in time Ivan’s skills will be used for /other/ purposes.

Ivan has been a mentor to Frederik HighTower’s servants for several weeks now. He recently visited the Citadel at Old Town, and sought the advice of some Maesters that were present there as to the origin of his daggers and the alloy that his blades are made from. An extremely memorable Maester of Smith working found on the hilt of his forearm daggers a Direwolf Head, sigil of House Stark. Ivan is not sure entirely what this means, as the daggers were an anonymous gift to him ages ago. Maybe, Ivan hopes, this has something to do with his heritage, who he really is, and the main question… Who are his parents?

Ivan has returned with the caravan to Kings Landing, and a much needed break for Ivan has been accomplished. The trip back was smooth, but on arrival, well things have shaken up slightly. Lord HighTower has an assignment that he wants Ivan to be in charge of, but Ivan is still wrapped around the mystery of his daggers. He contemplates any method he could use to find the origin, however he has discovered that the only person that may have know anything was killed in the Battle at the Citadel. Not that Ivan can complain too much, since the ArchMaester created a replica of the metal and crafted a blade out of it that Illyria Valerius now possesses. How Ivan moves from here, even he isn’t sure of.

It has been several week since the Caravan arrived home to King’s Landing, and Ivan can not possibly be more confused. All he really wanted was a peaceful life, and wife to settle down with, and be able to ride the waves to an old aged death. But no, reports of movement in the North have caused Ivan to call up some old associates in the North to find out what is going on. In the issue of his heritage, Ivan has caught wind that the Manderly serving girl that gave him his first assignment, the only one who knows where the daggers came from, is en route to King’s Landing. This should excite Ivan, but he is more nervous as to what he may find out. Preparations are being made for the Hightower-funded Orphange to be finally established, and that Ivan will be in charge of. Lord Hightower has not yet crossed Ivan and has earned his trust, but in King’s Landing, the ones we trust are the ones that will likely kill you in the end…

Well, Ivan’s Manderly visitor has come to King’s Landing, and as it turns out Ivan did /not/ want to know who his family really are. Ivan is, according to Jayne, a bastard son of Benjen Stark, brother to the late Lord Eddard Stark, and the First Ranger of the Night’s Watch. So, not only is Ivan a branch off of the house he fought against in the Stark boy’s rebellion, but his father is also a crow. You can imagine how well Ivan took that information…

The Bastard King Kirito Storm has killed Little Tommen and Queen Cersei, but he himself is now a dead man. Ivan aided Lord Lockewood in the bringdown of this monster, and in return, Ivan was legitimized, becoming Lord Ivan Wolfbane, Lord of Winterfell. Ivan, at that same court session, proposed to the now Lady Alva Bolton. They have decided to wait until they are at the Dreadfort to wed.

Two years have passed since Ivan and Alva wed, and the Battle of the Wall against Aegon and his band of misfits took place. In that span of time, Ivan had secured his ruling over Winterfell and it’s surrounding regions, only to be challenged by a host of Northern Lords who were not too keen to have the old seat of Northern Power being taken over again. With the help of the Warden of the North and numerous other allies, Ivan was able to not only repel the attackers from Winterfell, but took the fight to them at their own Keeps, insuring this treachery wouldn’t happen again.

When Ivan returned to Kings Landing, he thought it would be a grand vacation from the years of war and turmoil, but he couldn’t have been farther from the truth. After almost a month of returning to the Capital, Alva announced her pregnancy, which Ivan was thrilled to learn about, as he would now have an heir to his name. He also met Edwyrd Viora, whom he hadn’t seen since he left from Beyond the Wall. He was glad to see the lad had made a name for himself, being not only an envoy for a House, but also volunteering as a Gold Cloak.

Then… the Temple burned down. All the seven layers of the Hells broke loose throughout King’s Landing. The Cloaks were put to quince the fires of the rioters and the fires that engulfed the city, but being the lovable and loyal bastard he is, Edwyrd got caught in the fray trying to save Lady Elysia Dayne. After assisting Lord Royce, the new “acting” Commander of the Cloaks, which consisted of leading a cavalry charge into the heart of the Temple, he had to leave Edwyrd behind to save Lady Dayne from the chaos. He was sure that he lost a brother that night.

So when word reached him that Edwyrd was alive, barely alive but alive non-the-less, Ivan was thrilled, and vowed not only to Alva but to Edwyrd that he would try to be a better family man, to put blood before all else. Though, that night of the Battle of the Temple, tensions were made, dividing the Keep into religious factions. Ivan has the North’s support, and the Followers of the Old Gods will answer the call if need be. Ivan doesn’t feel the R’hllorist’s were to blame for the Battle, and has vowed to protect Lady Dayne, though she has “renounced” her faith. It shall be interesting to see how the War of the Gods plays out..

If one word could describe Ivan’s life at this point, unlucky would be the proper definition. Ivan had returned from War to a cold shoulder from his wife (however much he deserved it), had watched and seen the aftermath of his half-brother sacrificing himself to a horde of blood-hungry peasants, and found out recently that Alva had had a miscarriage. The Gods do not seem to be shining their everlasting light on Ivan, but he and Alva have high hopes the next time they try for a child.

Ivan Wolfbane

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