Gerant Lannister



Gerant ‘Guy’ Lannister is a man in his early twenties; of middling height, slim, with the wavy blonde hair and bright green eyes typical to Lannisters of Casterly Rock. His wavy hair hangs to the bottom of his neck, and he keeps his facial hair trimmed; he is usually found in affluent clothing of a variety of colours, but often the red of his house.

He worked as Master of Coin before leaving King’s Landing prior to Cersei’s death, to return to the Rock.



Gerant is the only son of Garth Lannister, brother to Joanna and Stafford Lannister and cousin to Tywin Lannister. Gerant grew up in Casterly Rock, being raised with the sons and daughters, nephews and nieces of Lord Tywin Lannister; although due to his age falling between the two main divisions of the children of the Rock, he spent little time with his fellow Lannister children. Although an intelligent child, he spent little time reading, preferring to learn with his ears than his eyes; he has a natural affinity for music. He is first cousin to the current Warden of the West, Ser Daven Lannister.


Eleyna Hill

Eleyna Hill is a beautiful young woman, formerly a serving girl at Casterly Rock, who is often found in Gerant’s retinue. They often spend time together during the day and in the evening. It is assumed that they have an intimate relationship.

Septon Percyval

Septon Percyval is an intensely pious man; quiet, calm, and devout. He does not miss a chance to extol the virtues of the Seven.

Iain Vikary

Iain is the surly captain of Gerant’s guards. He has a dour face, with a nose that has evidently been broken a number of times, and has started losing his hair.

Finn ‘The Mummer’ Albar

Finn is a veteran sellsword, recently hired into Gerant’s guards. He has a horrible scar running down his left cheek to the corner of his mouth, giving the permanent impression of a distorted, lopsided smile.

Guardsman Kyle

Guardsman Kyle is a veteran sellsword employed by Gerant as a guard. He has long blonde hair, a thick beard he keeps tightly bound, and would be handsome were it not for his sun-burnt features and scarred face.

Tyrett Moreland

Tyrett is a quiet, unassuming member of Gerant’s company. He is a friend of Gerant’s father.

Maester Willet

Maester Willet is a man of grey hair, grey beard, and grey disposition. He laments the fact that ‘young Gerant’ does not seem to listen to his wisdom as he ought to.

Gerant Lannister

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