Galvyn Fennic



Galvyn Fennic is a fairly average sized man, standing at just under six feet tall. His body is toned and relatively unscathed; his skin light and soft. His golden hair falls over his shoulders, down to his collarbone. It’s well kept, brushed and clean. Upon his beautiful face grows stubble as golden as the hair on his head. His eyes are a light blue, almost icy.

Galvyn’s face is usually pleasant, his expression smarmy and cocky with a hint of humour. He follows his look up with japes and snark, though is often more pleasant than he comes across as once you get to know him. He’s smarter than he lets on.


Galvyn comes from the Stormlands, and has been on a quest to find his daughters. They were stolen years ago by a man who had stalked around his brother’s home in Tarth. Galvyn goes by his alias, and poses as a soldier for Illyria in order to make finding information on the kidnapper easier.

Galvyn Fennic

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