Elijah Grayfrost

Strong, middle aged, very loyal to those he trusts, great sword fighter.


Main weapon Terror: While in its sheath it appears to be a standard long sword but when unsheathed it is cruel steel, there is a gap where a groove would be that runs down the middle of the flat end of the sword, the hand guard is the length of two man sized hands and is in the shape of a shallow curved W, along the hand guard are the words: Cold steel, colder hearts, the handle in the standard length of any long sword but the padding on the handle is virgin leather which is always replaced every year. Height: 6 feet and 7 inches. Facial Features: Deep green eyes with streaks of faded silver. Facial hair: gray stubble. Hair: From birth to 14 Elijah’s hair stayed a smoky black, from 15 to his current age it has turned into a silver gray (due to genetics since every man on the Grayfrost blood line gains silver,gray,dark gray, or white hair early in age). Clothing: Mainly consist of doublets, thin wool trousers, leather boots, and a long cloak. Cloaks, trousers, and doublets can either be deep blue, grey, or silver. Armor: Blue steel Plate mail over dark chain mail.Breast plate and both pauldrons have the Grayfrost sigil ; a white owl, The visor is of a owl beak with owl wings on both side of the temples. Strength: While he is fueled by battle he has the strength of a blacksmith in their prime, other times he has the strength of a soldier that is in their prime. Limberness: Quick on his feet if need to be, has the balance near to a cat’s. Wisdom: Knows the arts of war, healing, economics, and siege craft.


Elijah Grayfrost: a man of 35, is the second eldest of his father’s three children, his brother Ulric Grayfrost being eldest and Deliah Grayfrost the youngest. Despite being the second youngest of his father’s line, Elijah proved himself more worthy to be the owner and wielder of the family sword, Terror. He earned the rights to it when brigands had tried to sack the family keep, Havenfell. It was during the brigand raid Elijah had made his first kill before Ulric had. He was only 14 at the time, and his father saw this first kill as a sign that Elijah be the one who will be the wielder of Terror once he became of age, although Ulric would still be the next in line for the keep and the land owned by the Grayfrosts. On his becoming of age name day his father gave him the family blade and had him leave his custody to be fostered at the following houses for two years each; The Starks to learn discipline and loyalty, The Tullys to learn strategy and siege works, The Lannisters to learn trade and wealth, The Arryns to learn defensive tactics and history of Westeros. During the time he spent learning Elijah took up every free moment he had to learn the use of the sword from the best men-at-arms that dwelt at each house. After the 8 years had passed, Elijah (being 24 at this time) returned home to the familiar lands he grew up on. Although happy to be back in his home lands Elijah felt his place wasn’t there and that he belonged else where and planned to travel till he found his place. For a year he traveled until he met a woman by the name of Mya Delfore. Several months after the two had met they wedded. During the marriage Elijah had put down Terror to become a husband and hopefully later on a father. For two years they lived happily together until one night a band of sell swords had raided their home after raping and killing his wife while they made Elijah watch. After being beaten to near death and watching the torture of his wife, Elijah took back up on Terror and vowed as long as he lives he will kill any sell sword who had killed any innocent family or committed any other wrongful act. For 8 years Elijah had kept to his vow, he killed sell swords from every part of Westeros. His venturing eventually lead him to King’s Landing and there he met Garwen Lannister. The sparring match (that was suggested by Elijah) had made it clear that they would get along well with the other. And it will be in King’s Landing where Elijah might finally settle.

Father: Aiden Grayfrost. Brother: Ulric Grayfrost. Sister: Deliah Grayfrost. Wife: Mya Delfore (Dead). Children: None. Holdings name: Havenfell. Holdings location: The Vale.

Elijah Grayfrost

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