Dhandri Vypren



A slight woman of fair skin and hair with shimmering dark eyes set in a sharp-edged face with plump, rosy red lips. A master tradeswoman, wordsmith, and sneak. Typically dresses in the manner befitting a woman of nobility in Westeros, but Essos calls for different attire entirely. Wields twin daggers of proper steel which are generally strapped to the forearms, but can migrate elsewhere.


On the Left, her typical appearance. On the Right, when she really dresses up.


Lady of Castamere, born to a house of minor nobility in the city of Qarth, the second daughter of four and the seventh child of nine, Dhandri grew up knowing little of her worth but believing in her abilities to sweet talk her way out of anything and use her large eyes and winning smile to get anything. It became harder to do as she wished as she approached womanhood, but her strength of will and her grasp of words cowed many who would deny her the right to choose. Dhandri chose to study underneath the best in speechcraft, silent combat, and sneaking. Her skills bought her the chance to earn a life as an emissary to realms of interest to Qarth.

Since arriving in Westeros, Dany has been an Emissary turned Master of Whisperers and lost the position to severe personal danger. Fleeing King’s Landing and her notable position, she lay in hiding, waiting for her pursuer. Needless to say, the man and his lackeys so set on having her head are buried in several different places each, never to be seen again. Returning to King’s Landing, she seeks to gain some semblance of normalcy – what manner one can have so close to the Iron Throne.

Dhandri Vypren

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