Denna Waters



Female Crownlander, average looks and form, well toned and with a slightly larger bust than normal for women of her height and size, being tanned decently from many years of hunting in the woods around Duskendale, usually wearing simple working wear intended to not emphasis her being a woman, usually muted browns and greens, with well worn boots and a drab green cloak helping to hide her hunting gear when unneeded. Tends to be quiet and observant, eyes continuously moving to try and see as much as she can in everything she looks at. Having grown up in Duskendale, she views things differently from those of Kings Landing. She’s more grounded in reality, though she isn’t afraid to try her hand at breaking rules when it suits helping her goal of proving herself as more than her father’s ‘bastard bitch’.


Born to a minor noble. Has spent more time working to get by with folks treating her as not quite noble, but not quite commoner in some cases. Tends to be a fighter as opposed to more philosophical type, though she prefers fighting to win, since you either win or lose in brawls, and she’s always made sure that she’ll use whatever helps her win. Be it weapons of war, or weapons in a bar brawl, if it makes a weapon, she’ll use it. She has grown up working as a hunter, getting plenty of experience with a bow and a small blade. Recently offered her services to Lord Theodale, and has found herself part of Golvin’s spider games as one of his agents. While she won’t admit it actively to herself, she has a desire to be seen, feel and look beautiful, haven’t buried that into her subconscious, feeling herself plain and uninteresting.

Denna Waters

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