Della Lockewood



A young woman of average height, slim build, dark hair, fair skin, and pale brown – almost colourless – eyes. She is always seen wearing a high collar that covers her neck up to her jaw, long sleeves that cover her arms revealing only her hands, and a polite smile.

She is even-tempered, good-natured, intelligent, and well-read. While she is generally a quiet person who prefers to keep to herself, she can also be quite social when the situation calls for it. She is always willing to speak to, and make the acquaintance of others. She is a very good listener and is highly observant. While she is polite and courteous, she can also be quite stern and truly values propriety and respect. She will not withhold her opinions if asked, and is not afraid to stand her ground.


Born in the North in year 281 AL at Moss Tower to parents Gordon and Adelaide Eldred, Della was always a bright child who loved to spend her time doing anything that encouraged creativity. She started learning how to paint from her mother, and showed a great amount of natural talent for it.

Her father, never close to his daughter and being excessively strict, did not enjoy seeing her spend so much time on the arts or reading. With the capacity for cruelty and a “tough love” approach, he ordered Della who was then only 5 years old, to learn the skill of archery. He devised a “training game” which Della would have to complete before being able to stop or spend any time painting. The game was designed to be almost impossible to win and would lead to her being forced to shoot arrows for hours at a time until her arms shook too much to hold the bow, or her fingers bled. Because of this, she gained a fair amount of experience but no love for the sport.

Della lost her mother when she was only 6 due to an accident that occurred one night at Moss Tower. The accident would take a great toll on both Della and her father. After 2 long, difficult, lonely years with only her father who had always been a largely absentee parent, she was sent to live in the Riverlands with the Brackens at Stone Hedge.

A quiet and thoughtful child, she would devote most of her time indoors and alone while pouring over as many books as she could find when she was not painting. She has always had an eye for details and a knack for never forgetting something once she has seen it – skills that would serve her well as a painter later in life. She has the ability to paint complete portraits and landscapes with amazing accuracy after only seeing her subject once, however briefly.

Lord Jonos Bracken proved to be a good influence and positive father-figure to Della. She was always treated with respect at Stone Hedge and found herself regaining some of the happiness she had lost upon her mother’s death. Lady Bracken, and her daughters, would also prove to be good influences in Della’s life. Although they could never replace her mother, they would help to fill some of the void that she felt.

Her father insisted that she continue to practice archery while at Stone Hedge. Lord Bracken would comply, but he was more lenient than her father had been. Her father Gordon Eldred sent her a weirwood bow for her 12th nameday. However, by that time – 4 years after moving to Stone Hedge – the option to train was largely left up to her. She chose not to touch the new bow and had neglected archery almost completely.

She had a period of rebellion while at Stone Hedge, stemming from her strained relationships with both her father and the Septa that was assigned to her. While she had always been at odds with the Septa, there was one incident that caused the most upset. It began when the Septa sent a raven to Della’s father at Moss Tower telling him about his daughter’s neglect of archery which resulted in her canvases being taken away for an undetermined amount of time. In an act of defiance, and as a way to quell her need to paint, Della removed a large tapestry from the walls of her room and replaced it instead with a mural of a Godswood that was painted on the very walls of Stone Hedge itself. When she was eventually found-out by the Septa and brought before Lord Bracken to answer for her offence, he deemed it a fair punishment to have her paint an intricate mural along an entire wall of the feast hall. Although the mural took months of hard work to complete, it was not much of a punishment for Della at all. In the next few years that she lived there, she would decorate many other walls around the keep.

After becoming a woman at the age of 16, she returned home to Moss Tower. She was set to marry the son of a Northern Lord (an arrangement that had long since been made), however, something transpired between Della and the Lord’s son which caused him to cancel the betrothal. This caused a larger falling-out between their Houses and has been a point of resentment from her father ever since. The loss of the promise of marriage did not bother Della, however, as she did not care for the type of men the Northern Lord and his son were. She considered herself better off, and focused instead on learning the ins and outs of running a keep.

For the next 4 years Della would attempt to build relationships with her father, the men in his service, and the population of Moss Tower in general. While not much progress was made between her and her father, she forged connections with many influential figures at Moss Tower, gaining knowledge and their respect. One man who stood out was a knight named Ser Logan. He and Della would form a very strong working-relationship leading him to declare his loyalty to her in favor of her father, becoming her personal sworn-sword. He is a trusted confidant whom she considers to be her right-hand man.

At the age of 20, Della would travel to King’s Landing as the representative of her House. She would come instead of her father, who stayed behind at his seat at Moss Tower, much to his chagrin but in accordance with the advice given by his confidants. Della brought with her 900 Eldred men to assist in the Battle for King’s Landing. Ser Logan, representing House Eldred, would compete in the Tourney, losing only to Ser Bryte who would later be named champion. Upon his victory, he would name Della as the Queen of Love and Beauty; an event that left her flustered and slightly uncomfortable due to the sudden flow of attention it would bring.

Soon after her arrival to the Capital, Wolfgang Locke, the Lord Hand at the time, would call on her to bring to justice the deserters of the late Lord Whent. She completed the task successfully and, while overseeing their punishment and training, she would teach them a lesson in respect and honor. Once she gained their respect and they began to work as a team, she dubbed them the “New Men”, seeing as they were no longer the same men who deserted before, but a respectable fighting force. They played a part early-on in the Battle for King’s Landing, but were all slain by the army of Anders Volpahart. Della also actively played a part in the Battle by organizing the relief efforts in the Great Sept. There, with an army of Eldred men, she would help to hold the Sept against a mob of mercenaries.

During a duel inside the Great Sept, Daeron Lockewood, a very close friend of hers, was injured and poisoned. The next week would prove to be one of the most difficult in Della’s life where she would be forced to watch a person that she cares about suffer, and come dangerously close to dying. In a selfless act of love, she would craft a tonic to give to Daeron in an effort to save his life, with the knowledge that, although the effects were widely unknown, it would harm her.

While it is not certain if it was due to the tonic that he was saved, he recovered fully. The brew was not so kind to her, however, and caused her to enter into a comatose state for a short period time. She awoke in the infirmary soon after and has also made a full recovery.

She and Daeron have since entered into a committed romantic relationship, which she seems to cherish immensely. They are now married.

Not long after the Battle and the events that followed, Della was appointed as Master of Laws and now sits on the Small Council in King’s Landing.

Della Lockewood

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