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A young man of 23 years, Daeron Lockewood, previously known as “The Mad Maester” for a brief time prior to his ascent to lordship, serves the crown at King’s Landing as Hand of the Queen. He is of average height, and possesses a slim build. While in the past, dark circles could usually be seen under his eyes, attesting to his frequent sleepless nights, those have since disappeared.

He is a calm, quiet person, usually preferring to keep to himself, though he has long overgrown his discomfort in large crowds. He possesses intelligence, cunning and once, unwavering loyalty to his cousin, Wolfgang Locke.

Despite his deceptively weak constitution, he is actually a rather skilled fighter, and more experienced than one would expect. Relying on agility and speed rather than strength, he wields the Valyrian steel sword Blackblood one-handed, usually covering it with wildfire for further effectiveness, and also makes frequent use of the wildfire explosives he makes himself, weapons of devastating power.


Born in Stonehaven, the Lockewood hold near Saltwall, the first son after two girls, he always took more to dusty books and parchments than steel and ships, much to his father’s disappointment.

At a very young age, he ran away from home and hid in a ship heading for Oldtown, where he wished to pursue his dream of becoming a maester, giving up on his right to the future lordship of Stonehaven and being disowned by his family shortly after his escape. For a few years he studied at the Citadel, a diligent, dedicated student, but eventually left, for reasons he has talked about only with a very select group of individuals, and returned to his home in the Iron Isles without ever becoming a full fledged maester.

From there, he quickly departed to Essos along with his cousin, Wolfgang Locke, and they both travelled the continent for a considerable number of years, avoiding the return of Daenerys Targaryen to Westeros and the subsequent events that led to Cersei Lannister taking the Iron Throne for herself.

They eventually returned to the Seven Kingdoms, travelling to King’s Landing, where Wolfgang was made Master of Coin and, later, Hand of the Queen. Daeron never returned to the Citadel, being accepted as an apprentice under Qyburn and later choosing to proclaim himself as an independent maester, supported by his cousin and even the Queen, and earning the nickname “The Mad Maester” from the ones at the Citadel, for reasons best known to himself. There he studied wildfire and its properties extensively, mainly, discovering some very particular uses for the substance.

He was of great importance in the capture of Andon and Aegon Flowers and interrogation of the latter, as well as in the defeat of Hazah zo Myraq, having burned himself to near death with wildfire while fighting his group of twenty Unsullied.

After the death of Lord Paxter Whent, he was named Master of Ships by his cousin, achieving lordship in that manner. Since then, he was quick to rise in power, having been gifted partial sovereignty over the city of Gulltown after the failed rebellion in the Vale and gaining control of Lady Sylavia Bernarr’s fleet after her demise.

During Anders Volpahart‘s invasion of King’s Landing he fought at Blackwater Bay and, after the Martells’ betrayal, the Mud Gate. He eventually led a group of men to help defend the Great Sept of Baelor, which was under attack at the time by enemy troops snuck into the city bu Tyron Sand. There, he once again met Aegon Flowers, who had used his powers as a warg to take control of Ser Kere’s body. Through quick thinking and cunning he was able to defeat the vastly superior opponent by throwing wildfire ashes on his face, igniting his beard in the process.

He was poisoned during his fight, however, with manticore venom allegedly containing some sort of sorcery. He was saved from certain death by his cousin Wolfgang and Della Eldred, whom he had come to befriend, and shortly after his recovery, started a romantic relationship with her, which he seems to treasure immensely. The two got married several months later.

His cousin’s sudden and unexplained departure to the Iron Islands resulted in a temporary nomination as Hand of the Queen, which has since become permanent as per the approval of the Queen herself, communicating her decision by raven from Casterly Rock.

He led the court to Oldtown after the events involving Harwyn’s theft of blood, where with the assistance of, amongst others, Lord Frederik Hightower, Anders Brax and Illyria Valerius, he uncovered the conspiracy of the Archmaesters of Warfare and Smithing to assist Aegon with his father’s research by providing him with their knowledge, and the blood that Harwyn had collected.

The men currently under his direct command include Anders Brax, temporarily suspended from service, Sevra Faalur, commander of a small portion of his forces, Golvin Salame, who he has taken as an apprentice, and Cedrik Hightower, his page and Frederik Hightower’s son.



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Daeron Lockewood

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