Anders Brax



He carries a bow and arrows at all times and will not be seen without his dagger which he used the first time he killed. He used it since the beginning and won’t stop anytime soon. He wears all black to help him slip in and out of the darkness without being found or detected. He has been doing this long enough to be able to follow a man without making any noise until he strikes and even then the noise is the least it could be.

He was kept in the dungeon of the Keep for a while and during this time he was tormented and tortured by Illyria Valerius and his face got cut a lot so now his face is usually covered by a hood to hide the scars he now has.

He has been given a job working for Daeron Lockewood doing what he does best, working from the shadows. This is a final chance for him as if he screws up again then he will not be getting another chance. It will mean death. This was given to him after his first employer Wolfgang Locke told him to leave his service for making a job go badly.

He has gotten closer to Renna Reed while he has been training and he has developed feelings for her even though he is engaged to Iyla Marbrand. He soon finished things with Iyla which didn’t go well, but has started a relationship with Renna, he did not go straight to her from leaving Iyla as he thought that would be insensitive.

Recently he was sent on a mission to infiltrate a group of assassins who had been terrorizing the city and attacking goldcloaks. While he was in their company he got sent to kill a merchant who was known to kill and eat children, he completed this task with relative ease and returned to a group of the assassins warming up to him. In memory of this task he was sent to get a tattoo of a python on his arm. The tattoo winds all up his right arm from his wrist onto his shoulder.


Born in the Vale he was beaten as a child by his father and got his revenge out hunting one day when his father didn’t come back…. Or so he claims. No one knows who he truly is or where he comes from. He went around doing work for the highest bidder for the years after his thirteenth birthday as he was very good with a dagger and bow. He made a good impression on some people in Essos until they turned on him and tried to kill him without paying so is now looking for a new job. He has been travelling around for the last couple years looking for a good person to set up to work for.

He is now only eighteen and has done more killing than any boy his age should have been through and has affected him as he sees visions of these people now and again so it affects him in a very serious way causing him to lash out and hurt the people he loves.

He has nothing to do with his remaining family as his father use to beat him and killed his mother so he only has his sister left. She has become a whore to provide for herself but by doing this she has made him not want anything to do with her as all she ever wants from him is money or for him to kill someone for her.

In his eighteen years of life he hasn’t learnt a lot of what most people have. All he knows how to do is take lives and hunt but he hasn’t learnt how to control his feelings for girls so he has avoided this for years.

There is only one contract that he will never forget and that was to kill one of the Night’s watch at the wall. He will never forget it as the time he spent there was amazing, he even stood atop the wall and looked over and felt as if a thousand eyes were looking back at him. He will never forget that feeling.

He has one hobby and that is to lose himself in crafting a dagger for himself, he created his first dagger and has only got better. He hopes to one day craft a high quality dagger for himself.

He has recently acquired a wolf pup as a companion when he found it out with its dying mother, he chose to save him from starving. He has called him Shadow and has started training him.

During his time in Oldtown he had to time set up a new network of spies to keep him informed of the happenings in the city while he is back in Kings Landing. This is his second network and will join his one in Kings Landing to provide him with any information he needs so he can inform Daeron Lockewood.

During the fighting inside the Citadel Anders was tasked with helping Frederik Hightower to rescue Kyra Martell and Quentan Lannister from the Bloody Island. While inside the Island he came face to face with a man from his past that caused him a lot of pain, Lucas Tyrell. After a confrontation which caused Anders to take a beating himself he threw a knife into Lucas’ throat and watched him die. However Lucas had used a dagger that had appealed to Anders from the first night he broke into the Bloody Island with Illyria Valerius. It vanished from the area after the fight and Lucas died laughing as Anders searched for the blade.

Not until later did he start seeing this dagger everywhere, it had had a lasting effect on him and wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. He kept these hidden from Daeron Lockewood for as long as he could until he was confronted with the fact and suspended from work until further notice. This pushed Anders to go and find medical help and he has been visiting the maesters everyday since.

Anders Brax

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