Allyria Lyall



A trained assassin from Lys, she serves as the Master of Whispers. A woman of 26, she is small and nimble, allowing her to quickly and silently move around. She changes her hair colour frequently, but is naturally dark-haired. and tanned skin, unlike the average Lysene, but has the sharp ice blue eyes that are common to those born in that city.

Though mostly sweet, and polite to those around her, Illyria can be cruel and vicious when she wants. Her lack of empathy to most people makes her a dangerous enemy, capable of inflicting tremendous amounts of pain onto someone with little regret. More intelligent than most, and in possession of a high level of cunning, she is a master manipulator, capable of swaying people with honeyed words, and when that fails she will use her natural assets to seduce and manipulate.

She is skilled in the art of precision and chooses to use throwing knives and a bow and arrows as her main weapon. She carries around a Valyrian Steel Dagger called Sanguine for close-quarters comabat.
The newest addition to her arsenal are some custom made arrows from Qohor.

“Death is an end, failure is your life” – Illyria to Anders Brax



Born to a Lysene whore and a Myrish merchant, she was brought up like the rest of the girls born to whores. Her training began when she was 9 years-old and was put to work when she was 13 years-old. Though she hated having to work in the brothel, she persevered and paid for a teacher to show her the ways of an assassin. She progressed quickly, seeming to have a natural talent for it.

She was bought by a Yunkai slaver and his son, Hazah zo Myraq, when she was 18 years-old. Though repulsed by this man for his seemingly uncaring ways and selfish needs, she went quietly to Yunkai. She lived in his palace as his personal slave, where she endured his abusive ways for the two years that followed. One night, after being abused more than usual, she sneaked into his chambers and slit his throat. She was so transfixed by the colour staining the white bed linen, she did not see Hazah at the door. Making the decision to flee instead of fight, she stole a horse and fled to Braavos. She is still being hunted by Hazah zo Myraq, who has tracked her to King’s Landing.

Finding herself in King’s Landing after hiding in a merchant’s ship, she quickly put her skills as an assassin to use. Though at first deeply disturbed by killing people and plagued by visions of her victims’ faces, she quickly warped her mindset into that of a Jester and laughed her way through every murder. Her name spread through the city and was soon brought to the attention of Queen Cersei by her Master of Whispers, Lord Mycroft Holmes. She was arrested and sentenced to death for murder, but quickly turned the tables by informing her of a plot of rebellion in Flea Bottom. Given the ultimatum of bringing the leaders’ heads or be hanged for murder, she left the court and returned a few days later with four trophies for Cersei. The spark of rebellion fueled the Queen’s paranoia and she appointed Illyria as her Mistress of Whispers, alongside Lord Mycroft.

After a heated battle with Hazah in the streets of King’s Landing, she killed the slaver by smashing his head into a stone wall, though victory was only gained when Daeron Lockewood and Lord Mycroft charged into the battle. Victory was bitter-sweet as all three of them suffered severe wounds…

Due to recent events, she has had to change her name to Illyria Valerius, and change her appearance. Due to the “removal” of the Jester from her mind, her memory has been ruined, she is unable to remember most of the things that have happened after her coming to King’s Landing. Her past memory is perfect and everything after that is patchy, though she can remember some people, typically the ones she was closest to before the incident.

Over the past few weeks she has slowly recovered most of her memory due to flashbacks and the help from Daeron. She can now remember most significant events and people. Not wanting to return back to being a whisperer, she has become a spy and dungeon torturer. She is a vicious manipulator, who used flirting and charms to reveal secrets.
She was recently involved in the downfall of Paxter Whent, after he failed at his duties of becoming a proper Lord, she was used as his sharp lesson that things can be made and broke very easily by the right people.

As the Royal Court left for Oldtown, Illyria stayed behind, claiming that someone had to make sure there was a City and Keep to come back to. It was then when they left that she was finally able to take a break from the lost memory act. Though this time it would be different, a different mindset, a better mindset. She burned her fox mask, an old reminder of her Jester days, but the Jester had to go, and a new one to replace it..

Growing bored of being alone in the Keep, and feeling like she was needed in OldTown, Illyria set off on her own for the Southern city, preferring to travel alone and quickly over travelling slowly and with guards. Upon reaching Oldtown, she surprised everyone with her appearance, some reacting better than others. The day after her arrival, while she was exploring the city, she met another Lysene, a small feeling inside her telling her she had met him before somewhere, but not knowing where. After a few days of talking, and finding out his name, Eryx, which only made her think she knew him from somewhere even more, she eventually remembered who he was after he mentioned Hazah zo Myraq. Eryx, was one of Sahaal zo Myraq’s pit fighters, and she had taken it upon herself to look after him, making sure his wounds were cleaned and free from infection. During her time in Yunkai, she began to develop feelings for him, though under the impression they were entirely one sided, and afraid of Hazah or Sahaal finding out, she kept them to herself.

During the Battle of the Citadel, Eryx, Sevra and herself lead the attack of the rookery to prevent any ravens being sent out. A more difficult that imagined task, they were subjected to heavy assaults from the Maesters, at one time both Eryx and she were temporarily deafened from the explosions caused by the barrels the Maesters rolled down the stairs, causing heavy debris to rain down on them. The greatest damage came from the stairs falling from under their feet, sending them crashing to the floor below, each of them suffering different injuries from the fall. Though, horridly injured and some close to death, they managed to defeat the Archmaester of Smithing in his forge.

Since then, she has made her feelings known to Eryx, and married him not long after in the Great Sept. Since then she made the journey North, under the idea of attending the wedding at the Dreadfort. While the rest of the court left for the Wall, Illyria and Eryx stayed behind at the Dreadfort due to her being heavily pregnant with twins at the time, and who were born a short time later. Giving birth to a boy, Kaelan, and a girl, Kialandí, the both bore shocking resemblance to the Valyrian descent with bright blue eyes and light blonde hair that shone in the sun.

Once hearing word that the Court was returning from Castle Black and they would be stopping in Winterfell, the Valerius’ travelled to the snowy hold to meet back up with the caravan to travel back down to King’s Landing. While en-route, she decided to take time to visit her holdings, Windkeep, in Dorne for the first time, spending two years there before finally returning to the Red Keep, amidst the preparations for Daeron’s coronation.

Allyria Lyall

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